Survived my first day in the ER


Well I am so happy, I survived my first day as a ER nurse!! Of course I was with a precepter but I had sooooooo much fun!! I was there for 8 hours and it felt like 2. I think I have found my nitch in the big world of nursing!! Jennifer


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Congrats to you!!!! I begin in the ER in two weeks as a GN and I am excited also. I externed there last summer and loved every minute of it. I can't wait.


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Congratulations! I hope things continue to go well for you! Keep us updated!

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Well, I have been an ER nurse for almost 10 years now and I can honestly say that I still love it. ER is the type of place that you love or you hate. If you ever start feeling like you are "burned out" or anything....just go work on the floor for a while. Trust me, you'll go running back... :) Nothing against the floors, it's just that if you love ER, generally, you would rather give birth to a flaming porcupine than work up there. That's the beauty of different personality types...everyone has their niche. I worked CCU and neuro-ICU for a while and I loved the experience and everything I learned. But I missed looking forward to going to work like I did in the ER.

All that being said...just a piece of advice for someone that has been there a while. Don't let the "frequent flyers", the drug seekers, and high tensions get to you. It's easy to get a tad cynical and jaded when you are faced with those types day after day. You will get yelled at and disrespected from some of the lowest forms of humans on Earth. Just find your way of coping. Mine is "getting in the zone". I plant a big ole fake smile on my face and say an over animated "yes sir" or "alrighty then, will there be anything else?" I don't let them control my reactions. They are wanting you to react back in anger. But anyway, find a way to cope on your own because if you don't, you will find yourself where a lot of good nurses do.... grumbly,eye-rolling and cynical.

I love seeing people that are excited over working in the ER. I guess because I can totally relate. Good luck to you and keep that enthusiasm for the next 10 years and beyond!!

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