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Surgical Mask Direction


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The Infection Control Nurse authorized a staff member at our facility to wear the surgical mask with the blue facing in and the white facing out because she was reacting negatively to the 'fibers'. Anyone heard of this? I cannot find ANY data out there to support that. The data is quite clear in stating this is incorrect and could actually endanger the person wearing it by attracting the outside air/moisture to the inside of the mask. It does not affect me but concerns me. Thoughts?

NurseSpeedy, ADN, LPN, RN

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I have heard some people complain of the mask fibers but not fixing it by turning it inside out. There are several other reputable masks she could get as an alternative-it may just be the ones I. That particular brand.
My husband works for a manufacturer where the reps get to pic which PPE they want for the job (several different N 95 types to choose from). Before this they just shipped out a stock of what they could get at the time. There were some that he could not tolerate because it made his face read and itchy.
Why not try to give her a different mask that she can wear correctly?