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Does anyone know if an LPN can change a suprapubic catheter?

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As's best to check with your state board of nursing to find out whether certain tasks fall within your scope of practice. It's different from state to state, even facility to facility, so the BON is the ultimate authority in these matters.

I don't know about Nevada, but here in Oregon, it was an LPN of many years' experience who taught ME how to change a SP catheter. :)

Marla gave you the answer you need. Check with the state BON if you question your scope of practice.

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In Ohio, LPN's can change an SPC. I did as an LPN (now RN). It is so much easier than a regular urethral cath.


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can a lpn change a suprapubic cath in state of new jersey?


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Best to check with your BON. Don't remind me that I have to change a cath this week.....

Suebird :p

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