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Hey experienced school nurses I need some guidance. This is my first year at a school and myself and the other 3 newbies in the district are so clueless. Amongst one of the things that we are clueless about, is a list of supplies that are a must have in the clinic. I know this probably differs from nurse to nurse and school to school, but could y'all give me suggestions that I could use to compile a list for us inexperienced nurses? We are all at either Elementary or Middle schools. Thanks in advance.

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Think of what supplies you'd need to stock an EMT "Intermediate" level ET, NG, tubes, emergency drugs, etc.

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Assessment items: BP cuff, stethoscope, thermometer, otoscope, oximeter, scale/height stand

Wound care: all sizes and shapes of bandaids, gauze, qtips, cotton balls, wound wash, coban, ace wraps (if allowed)

Treatments/ointments (when allowed): antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone cream, bug bite relief, contact lens solution, eye wash, sunscreen, burn cream

Other: tweezers, fingernail care, eye glass repair, salt, H2O2, saltines, mints, paper cups

I'm sure there is more - just going around the office in my head!

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I agree with the basic first aid stuff. Bandaids, antiseptic wipes, would wash, gauze pads, and kling rolls are my goto items. I also go through a few ice packs.

Those are my consumables.

Yes indeed I have eyeglass kit, tweezers (for splinters), thermometer, otoscope, and BP cuff. The office has a scale but frankly it only gets casual use.

Our rules preclude anything that seems like a drug to include ointments. I keep some crackers and glucose snacks around (mostly from being a mom of a diapbetic).

I've got an AED in the past few years, but mostly it sits there (and likely it will be a staff member rather than a student).

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All these things and you can go to

basic first aid supplies, assessment items, for my k-3 student's I have stickers for vision and hearing checked, losing a tooth, etc.

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