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Sunday March 13 2022


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Dianah she was in The Little Mermaid, she had a small part as a lily pad.  The crock pot dish was a vegetable bean filling for burritos

Stars I was feeling cold too last night, not sure why

Tweety I very rarely have dreams about  my past

NJ22 hope the neuro can have some answers for you regarding the pain

Hi Amo

Yesterday certainly was busy.  Got my coffee in the morning and started the crock pot.  Finished making the lemoncello. Ran some errands. Then went out to lunch with dad.

Then drove to Indiana to see the musical.  It was another good production, and she did a good job, she seems to have her brother's knack for acting and singing.

The drive took longer than expected, the musical was held at a high school that was also having a regional basketball tournament, so getting into and out of the parking lot took like 20 or 30 min

Got to bed late, even later with setting the clocks forward.

Today will do some laundry in the morning before church.  Then after church have lunch with J then another musical, this time Evita, one that J has been hoping to see but that was delayed 2 years when then theater temporarily closed due to the  pandemic.

Will be in the upper 50s today,  looks like warm weather for the next week or two.


Tweety, BSN, RN

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Good morning!

Joe, sounds like an action packed weekend.  Enjoy!

J22, bummer that you made that wrong turn and missed your goal.  Hope your appointment goes well with the neurosurgeon.

I am looking forward to seeing some live theater this month myself.  Seeing "Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill" which is about Billie Holiday.  During the pandemic they had some "watch from your car" shows but have been doing inside shows this year.  

Didn't sleep the best last night but I fell asleep for two hours yesterday afternoon.  I woke up in enough time to go to hot yoga.  

It's 42 degrees which is really cold out there, so no outside stuff for me today.  Will watch a movie.

Have a great day!


dianah, ADN

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Joe, How cute, a lily pad!  Good she did well, and that she likes theater work. 🙂  I want to hear a review of Evita, if you will?

Tweety, how cool, a production about Billie Holliday!  I look forward to hearing about it!

Didn't end up going to lunch with oldest ds, but talked with him on the phone.  Then in the evening, after the online jam, we met long-time friends at a local restaurant, and had a wonderful catch-up visit!  We met in 1973, when just starting college.  Dh and G were in a band; S and I were in nursing school.  We have been in touch, on and off, through the years, but haven't seen each other for probably 30 years (does facebook count?).  It was VERY nice to see them and chat.  They are on their way to visit in Northern California before they head back to home in Texas. 

Today will be laundry and change sheets/towels.  Maybe grocery store trip.

Have a good day!

Ado Annie, ASN, RN

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Hello to all

Joe, our grandson is in a high school production of The Little Mermaid, in Indiana (Syracuse), next weekend. Small world.

I would also love a review of Evita. 

Tweety, the Billie Holiday story sounds interesting. 

Grandma's been in rare form today. After praising me as I prepared dinner, she sat at the table after we ate and muttered under her breath that we are all ***-heads. She likes Hubs, but he's the only one. She hates it here. On and on. 

My grown sons and I went to see Lego Brick Universe at the OKC Convention Center yesterday. Was interesting.