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Sunday February 20, 2022


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Good morning!

J22, sorry you're undergoing such pain.  

Working again today and off tomorrow.  One of techs overslept, we called and  she thought she didn't have to come in because she overslept.  

The thing about going 6:1 is that yeah you only have a few minutes and hour with a patient, but there are several that require 20 or longer, which means you have to take away from another patient or stay late.  It leaves me feeling like I'm neglecting someone.  "Well better check if room 640 is alive as I haven't seen her in two hours".


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Joe NightingMale, MSN, RN

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Tweety that ratio is too much with the acuity on your floor

Dianah J is a retired elementary school teacher.  Currently no vacations planned, although I might go to Madison at the end of April

NJ22 here's hoping you can get some relief from your pain

Stars maybe a med change would help her, or maybe she's just in a temporary snit

Yet another capital campaign meeting yesterday morning, this one an  hour and a half.  After thinking about it I decided to withdraw from the committee, the time commitment is way longer than expected and I am real uncomfortable with the salesmanship,  especially the way the chair  would like us to do it.    Though I am thinking about starting an evangelism committee, that I would be comfortable doing.

Met dad for lunch as usual.  Baked some banana nut muffins, they were OK but a little dry.  Skipped Svengoolie and instead watched one of  the movies he sometimes presents, House of Dracula, on a streaming service.

Have choir practice and church this morning.  Will do laundry before church and get a crock pot  recipe started too.  Might meet J for brunch, depending upon how he feels.  

Will be warmer today, in the 40s, although quite windy


No Stars In My Eyes

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As usual for this time of day, the siesta is going on in the den. 

I don't think Nannie remembers she was mad yesterday.  She is droopy-headed with sleep right now.

Hubby is going to drive out and pick up some supper. (KFC)

I finished folding the last load of clothes I left in the dryer yesterday and forgot about. 

Ozzie is having some trouble with coming down the stairs, also jumping off the hassock in front of the sofa; his back legs and/or hips seem to be the problem. He doesn't yelp or anything, but his back legs sometimes splay when he lands, and his left hip looks kind of wobbly when he walks/stands. When I notice he is wanting to jump down, I will hand-transport him to the floor.  Have been carrying him on the stairs sometimes, too, when I notice he's having trouble. He does okay on his own, a lot of the time.Today I noticed he missed 3 or 4 steps with his back legs, coming down part of the way in a kind of a slide-tumble before he stopped and re-set himself and finished coming down more normally. But, ugh, I hate to see him growing older. His "TIME" is coming sooner, I think. It's going to be weird around here without him, especially when we have to explain and re-explain to Nannie all the time. 

Sunny, but with a too-cool breeze making it uncomfortable to sit outside for long. Boring (and too cool) in the den! I just turned on the oscillating space heater. 

Haven't much to say. Just hello and hope the week goes well for all of you~

nursej22, MSN, RN

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Hi. I don't have much to say either. I rode to breakfast, and got there without any means to pay. The waitress said to just come back before she was off at 2. And when I got up to leave, I realized I had lost one of my insulated bike gloves. Rats. Youngest ds had driven in the pickup, and gave me and my bike a ride home. When I went to look for my wallet, it was still in the pickup from yesterday. D'oh! Anyway, bill is paid, and they will look for my glove. 

I am putting off starting the taxes, don't know why. I just got back in from doing a little garden work. Today is mild, but the cold and wind is supposed to move in tomorrow. 

Poor Ozzie. I know you, Stars, will do what keeps him most comfortable. 

Ado Annie, ASN, RN

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Hello all.

Stars, how old is Ozzie? It's hard to watch them struggle as they get older. Our 2 dogs are 13 and one of the cats is 13. I doubt Grandma would notice if one of our pets was no longer around. Tonight she was angry because she was sure she didn't get any dinner (she did, and a snack). 

J22, I hope you find your glove! Your travels sound like a great time. Hubs played with a bluegrass group back in Indiana. He misses it. He used to go jam with a bunch that gets together at the Senior Citizens center in a local town but hasn't done so since *Before Covid*. He's talking about wanting to do it again, and take his mother, and have me to keep her entertained while he plays music. I'm ambivalent.

Tweety, 6:1 is hard, especially with no tech. I can so relate to that feeling of checking on bed x to make sure she's still breathing since I haven't seen her in 2 hours. One benefit to this job (I guess that's the way to look at it) is that we've been limiting census since we've been having staffing issues. Tonight, there are 3. It is me and an LPN. All have mobility problems and 2 are incontinent.  A DVT, a UTI, and Covid. I don't know if we're expected to take admits or not.

Joe, I understand not wanting to be the "salesman" with the congregation. And a 2-hour meeting at work? Ew! 

I nearly bit on an ad for a travel job about an hour away. The pay was phenomenal and I worked agency at that facility for 6 months *Before Covid* and liked the facility. I'm so comfortable here because my schedule allows me to sing with the church choir, to volunteer at the wildlife rehab. *Before Covid*, Twin B and I played in a New Horizons Band at the Univ. of Okla. They had the band fall semester but we didn't participate. So far they're still watching the Covid situation for this semester. We went to the concert in December. Most of the members were masked, and the instruments were "masked" with bell covers, etc. Anyway, I did get really excited about the thought of that great travel pay. And fantasized about having a motel room or Air BnB for myself where I could take a sewing machine and do some quilting and  not have to worry about what anyone else eats. *sigh* I don't know. I'm sure all the guys could manage without me but they might not be happy about it. Here at this job we are building a new hospital. There is now a countdown clock for moving day and it is at about 71 days. It could be an exciting time. It could also be pretty stressful. Will be good to have new equipment. 

Ado Annie, ASN, RN

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So we did get 2 admits. Another UTI (confused, wants to wander) and hypokalemia. I could only find one of the remaining 2 working tele units. 

No Stars In My Eyes

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Ado - Ozzie is 14 years and 8 months old. Full-blooded shih-tzu, papers and the whole 9 yards, and he has THE perfect confirmation for his breed. But he was never was suited to be a show dog, it would freak him out. Moot point now, though.