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WooHoo.... :p

I just got back from the hospital and got a summer job working as a PCA(their version of CNA).... I will be working on an Orthopedic floor... Does anyone have any experiance working on this kind of floor, and what all I can expect... The pay is better than I thought also... I will be working evenings @ $12.34/hr Not too bad.. :)


PS.. Where are ya'll getting all these other cute lil faces and stuff.. :chuckle

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Hey! I think that's great! Good for you!:balloons:


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I worked as a LPN on the ortho floor for 8 years. Loved it. At my hospital we get a little mix of everything there, but it was good experience.

Good luck, hope you like it.


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I have a question for you guys. I am a medical assistant I have been one for 4yrs. I have never worked in the back office only the front. Now I'm going to start my prereqs this fall. How can i get into the hospital by being a MA not a PCT or CNA and still do patient care? Remember I don't have any patient care experience.

I went to school and am qualified to do more than a CNA or PCT and can't get in why?


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I thought about doing the same thing that you are doing this summer....I figured a little extra money and the shots that I needed for school as well,lol. It backfired on me though because I am taking A&P 1 this summer and they wouldn't be very flexible since I am not yet in the nursing program......are you going to apply for the program to help with tuition and books? Talk at ya later


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Hi Nurs2b!

I worked on a med/surg/ortho floor as a CNA a few years ago. We had a mix of medical pts, and we took all the ortho surgery pts. Lots of total knee replacements & hip replacements, and some back surgeries & broken femurs. I think the main difference from a CNA perspective is that the ortho pts can be harder to move in bed, and can't help as much. They also need physical therapy to teach them how to regain mobility.

I'm sure your facility will train you on how to move certain types of surgical patients, and the physical therapists are a great resource as well if you have questions.

Good luck at the new job. I learned so much from mine!


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We have some MA's in our nursing class, and the reason they are there is soley because they can only get jobs in doc's offices....I'm not quite sure why it would be hard for you to get into a job at a hospital working the floor, most hospitals or LTC are willing to train, for free, and it usually is @3-4 wks which you will get paid for that training.....from what I have gathered.....MA's is a job that was created during the nursing shortage in the 80's (correct me if i am wrong--yes i know there is STILL a shortage...) you might want to look into that free training offered at those facilities, it would absolutely give you the training for basic nursing care..... GOOD LUCK :)


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Hi, this summer I got an internship at the hospital that my school is connected to in the Family Birthing Center. I will be considered a student nurse intern and my salary is $11/hr. I don't think its too bad. It can possibly lead to a job during my last year next year and even as a new grad. Well see how it goes. I start June 3 for 40hrs per week.



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I just got a job as a PCA after months of trying. I dont know but I just told them that I'm going into nursing school in the fall and the nurse recruiters started slobbering. So I guess its just timing and I prayed to myself during the whole interview (because I wanted the job so badly) and my interviewer was using abbreviations I wasnt familiar with and I just agreed with him and laughed when he laughed and we shook hands and he sent me to HR. He then began to tell me about all the extra courses I could take. So it depends on how badly they need people. I dont make didly squat but with the night differential I cant complain. I just want the experience and to prove to myself that I can do this line of work and well.

I wish I had you guys luck.... I applied for a student nurse tech position and a PCA position; however, I just ended up getting a part time position at the mall. "Beggers can't be choosey"

I would have loved to get a position in a hospital. I am just starting my nursing classes and I know that usually students get nurse tech and PCA/CNA jobs after completion of a full semester.

OH WELL... at least I get discounts at the mall :)

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