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Anyone taking summer classes?

I have to take nursing ethics and an English class. The ethics class is a 4 hour class once a week. Yuck! lol.


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I have Micro M-F 8-10:30 a.m.- double yuck! LOL


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I'm taking an online pathophysiology class with the Univ of Iowa which I have to finish before I head off to nursing school in Aug. Unfortunately, my books are not here yet so I have a few more days of now studying

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Ethics is very interesting! The principles of bioethics and virtue ethics are especially interestin! It is however a frustrating class as there is often no "right" answer. Have fun!


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This summer I'm taking 3 classes!

(A whole courseload!! What was I thinking!?) :uhoh3:

I've got Maternity Nursing, Physiology, & Abnormal Psych.

Thankfully, Maternity is only 7 weeks, so even though the other two classes are all summer, my load will be lightened considerably at the end of June.


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The only non-nursing course I have left to take is a three credit elective. So I am taking Art of the Wetern World online. It is a series of 9 - 1 hour videos and a bunch of writing and commenting in a forumn tye of setting. So far it is OK but I thought it would be less work than it is...

After this ... 4 nursing classes to go before graduation...lets go May 06


introduction to organic and biochemistry...7 weeks long...absolute hell. :crying2:

A&P 1 and lab : the first four weeks of the summer session.

A&P 2 and lab : the second four weeks of the summer session.

blah... :uhoh3:


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Physiological chem lecture M & Tu 8-10:30

Physiological chem lab W 8-9:30

Micro lecture Th & Fri 8-10

Micro lab Th & Fri 10-11:30

I started yesterday and it goes to the end of July. *grumble*


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I have the final part of my Psych rotation this summer. It starts Jun 20 till July 28th. Lecture is only 3 hours on mondays and thankfully I only have 2 weeks of clinical (6 days total). :p We also have to attend 3 12-step meetings at some point during the class....

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