Summer A&P or 1st semester nursing program?


Hi. I am needing some advice. I am waiting on my acceptance letter to start the RN nursing program this fall. (In the case that I get accepted) Should I take A&P in the summer? Or along with my 4 nursing classes in the fall? I am concerned about it either way. On one hand, I know it would be a lot harder to have A&P with all my nursing classes and one clinical. But on the other hand, I also know a fast track a&p is going to be really difficult! One reason I am thinking about taking it in the fall is because I have had an overload of pre reqs this semester and I've been stressed and have been missing out on time with my husband and two little girls. So a summer break would be nice!!!

Any advice from fellow nursing students?

Thanks on advance:-)


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That's a tough one as time with your husband and kids is very important. However, if it were me, I'd take A&P in the summer. You will most likely be glad you did when you see what kind of work load you have with your nursing courses. Also, if your college is anything like mine, the summer semester does not take up the entire summer. Hopefully that is how it is where you are and you will still have a few weeks with the kids and hubby and no school. JMO, of course.


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I would take it in the summer. I think it is interesting that the nursing program would even let you take A&P during the first semester of nursing school, since it is generally considered a prerequisite. I think you'll be happy to have the information before starting nursing school, and it won't add to your first semester workload.


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I'm in the same situation though no kiddos but a husband. It's hard to say with having little ones as I'm not there yet but perhaps you could take it next summer? or is it to be completed only prior to starting or first semester? The information would help but sometimes a break is even better.


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I would try to take A&P during the summer. I took A&P 2 during the summer (4 weeks) and I did great. Try to get as many classes as you can out of the way before you start nursing school. I have 5 kids.


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Thank you everyone for replying! I have took your advice and decided to take it in the summer! I am extremely nervous about A&P in 10 weeks time but hopefully if I study my butt off I will pass it! It will be worth it to ha e a better schedule next semester and not have an overload for my first semester of nursing school!