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Hello survivors, recently returned from an outstanding treatment center voluntarily entered for opiate addiction and do not want to handle any narcs for a while(if ever). I am fortunate and grateful that I resigned from the ER before I was caught. I have no legal or board restrictions,license intact, but I do not want to be at risk. I have only worked in the acute care setting,lots of action and stress,not sure of what to do now. Need to make money soon, but want to stay clean more. Please, I could use some suggestions on different avenues to persue to stay safe. Thanks for all your experience,strength and hope.

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Wow, I am proud of you.

For me, LTC as MDS coordinator was the lifeboat for me. Get RUG ( medicaid assessments) qualified along with MDS ( a medicare and medicaid assessment) certified......there are workshops some free from state agencies....

LTC facilities need these mds/rug assessments to get paid........

Also case mgt., risk mgt. infection control etc........ are routes with out access.

Good luck to you, we need you.

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medical records director. (this is an RN position many times). Call center triage RN. Private office RN.

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oh utilization review for the ins. companies etc...... forensic nursing for attorneys

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I work at an outpatient psychiatric medication clinic. The only meds we handle are the scheduled haldol, prolixin, and risperdal consta injections for the narcs, ever. The clients get their prescriptions and take them over to our pharmacy. Our docs do prescribe benzos but we don't handle them. I love my job and since I get to deal with a TON of dual diagnosis folks, it's right up my alley! Lots of substance abuse issues around here and I get the opportunity to do a lot of teaching = ) I've been here for over a here and I have no plans to leave anytime soon, unless the state dumps my

Extended care home health cases where there are no controlled meds. Either inform your employer when you are hired that you want to avoid cases with controlled meds, or ask to be reassigned whenever you come upon such a case. You can conceivably work an entire career without having to be bothered with them, as long as the agency has these cases.

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I don't know what the rules are for other Peer/IPN, etc programs are...but for the first 6 months after returning to supervised nursing, it's not just narcotics we aren't allowed access to. It is also any drug with a potential for abuse, and/or our drug of choice (whether it was a narc or not). This includes things like Stadol, etc. Also, where I work we have a little side weight loss clinic. So I am not allowed access to the weight loss meds. We also do medical research, so any "mystery" medication we dispense has to be double checked by my case manager. Then they make a determination if it could be a drug of abuse.

It really narrows down the list. But, 6 more months and that exclusion will be taken out of my contract. Whew! Because it was probably the main thing that made it hard for me to find a job when i was released to go back to work. What does everyone else's contract say as far as drugs go?

another avenue not mentioned above is dialysis. there are no narcotics to be handled there, either. no potential problems there.

Thanks guys, I just got back from a 12 step meeting for medical professionals,didn't even know they existed. Cool. I am looking into the suggestions you offered for employment and will keep you guys posted. Love this forum! leilahoney

You are lucky to have access to a group for professionals. Most likely this will be where you can get leads on "friendly" places to work.

I just got my RN license reinstated after 1 year sus.I cannot find a job anywhere.I dont know if its from rescrictions a nurse or my felony in leiu of prosecuetion.Ive been clen 2.5 years and to tell u the truth ive almost given up saving my license.Everyone looks as if im slime looking for a job.Im not the only nurse in this situation but beleive me ,it sures feels like it to me.

I just dont know what to do anymore..i miss nursing so badly, and not just the money.just venting

Look on craigslist in your area under medical/health jobs. They have lots of opportunities for nurses in drs offices and other places. I work in an outpatient pain surgery center in the OR for people with chronic back injuries/pain and never handle any narcs. We do lots of steroid injections. Found the job on craigslist and it pays better than any nursing job I have ever had and I have been a nurse for about 10yrs....Good Luck and I am proud of you. You deserve Greatness and Happiness.

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