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I am going to be a new grad in about a week and am very excited. I have already been studying, but I am wanting to find out what the best tests are to study. Has anyone bought any of the computer adaptive practice tests. How are they and did they help? If not any suggestions?????

Congratulations on your new grad. status. The first thing I want to tell you is the same thing I used to tell students... the state boards are a measure of MINIMAL competency for SAFE, ENTRY-LEVEL practice. They don't look to see if you're dynamite, or even good--- just SAFE. I also tell them, that you cannot exactly 'study for boards.' The NCLEX is a measure of the culmination of your nursing education. The role of studying is to help arrange your thoughts and ideas. Also remember, the right answer isn't always one of the choices, therefore, look for the BEST [a.k.a., the lesser of two evils]. So, keep that in mind, and don't go nuts.

Now, for an exam review... I highly recommend the Sally Lagerquist audio-cassette series. That was the one I used and I wrote NCLEX in less than 30 minutes and passed with 75 questions.

Good luck and be sure to post WHEN they tell you you passed!

Congratulations!! I too will be a new grad in 5 more class days. I have bought a couple of things. One was Mosby's NCLEX RN review, this is entirely on a computer CD. The other was a review book, that also came with a CD. They are both good at giving a general idea about what boards are like. I just took LPN boards last march, and the testing simulation is similar.

I too have heard that you can't really study, but have also heard that the best thing to do is to just keep answering questions.

Good Luck

Good Luck,

I also wrote NCLEX in 45 min with 75 questions and passed. I used Saunders book and CD as well as Mosby's- My friends and I got together and bought different books and shared them around, I alos liked Lippencott's. The best advice is to remember Airway breathing circulation, and then safety- when given the which pt would you see first. It also helps to have some idea of what LPN's can do- and nurse aides.

I recommend just doing a lot of questions- like wll over 2000 before you sit. To be honest, though I found the review books to not really reflect NCLEX type questions, but I still think they help prepare you. Remember 85% of first time NCLEX test takers who speak English as their first language PASS. You'll do well. Let us know when you pass!

Hi Patches. Good luck to you in your nursing career. I have an excellent Q/A book called AJN/Mosby question and answer book for Nclex-rn fifth edition. There may be later editions;I took this in 1997. It includes computer disks. Another book is NCLEX-rn; a comprehensive study guide,2nd ed,by J. Zerwekh & J. Claborn. This book gives reviews of systems/age groups as well as questions. Lenore

i graduated in may 2000. i used both the mosby's cd and the cat by kaplan. i had questions on my nclex from that kaplan disk verbatim. kaplan was the most valuable source that i studied from. i had 75 questions which took about an hour. the kaplan disk was a true simulation of what the nclex was like. i can honestly say that i went and took the nclex with confidence. i agree with a lot of the posters above though; nclex is a test of ALL of the knowledge you have gained throughout school. god bless and i am sure that you will pass (as if there were not enough tests in nursing school).

Hey, we are in the same boat!

I should be studying now instead of chatting here with you guys but what the heck....

Anyway, I just wanted to show some comradery with my fellow soon-to-be RNs.

Best of Luck to all of you!

Our instructor's suggestion: 50 hours of review (from NCLEX study books) and at least 3000 questions both written and on computer.

Also...remember ABCs and Maslow! (Who can forget?)

Again, Good Luck!!

Make sure you study the areas you are weakest in. The test will be heavily focused on those areas. The reason I focus on those areas is once you miss a question in an area, it will continue to give you those types of questions until you can answer them right. As long as you use critical thinking on the test, you should do fine. Good luck

This is me again. Our school brought in a company called Arnett testing that gives you an exam exactly like the NCLEX RN. It a CAT exam that grades the same way. I did really well,and it also broke down my weak parts for me. It said I was above average. I plan on continueing to study, but was curious if anyone had this company come to their school. If it is really a true study guide. Thanks again.


I also took the Arnett through my school. I was in the high average category (whatever that means) and the man administering the test said that it is a good indicator that I will do well on NCLEX. I really liked the way it highlighted the areas that I needed to study for. Did you take the critical thinking test also? It was a handwritten one that was separate from the laptop deals. Shannon

I too is in the same situation...I'm having problems on to which reviewer book should i practice on answering....anyways GOODLUCK to you and to the rest of us!!!

Hello future RN's! I graduated in December of 1998, just ove 2 years ago. It is difficult to "study" for the boards. I took the review course offered at my school, and basically answered TONS of questions! A group of us got together & each bought a book, then traded off to each other! The most important factor when taking boards is your state of mind. You worked hard for several years, so tell yourself you know it and really MEAN it! It wasn't too long ago that I was where you are, and believe me, I'm not jealous! Good luck to you all!

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