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Suffolk County Community College 2017 Applicants

Murman Murman (New) New

Starting the thread for those anxious applicants trying to get a read on this year's pool of candidates...

So who is willing to post what they've scored?

Here's mine:

A&P 1: A

A&P 2: B+

Eng 1: A

Eng 2: B+

Micro: ___

Psych: A

Stats: C- (blah!)

TEAS: 78

Not particularly found of the revision to the rubric.

So what are you holding???

A&P 1: B

A&P 2: B

Eng 1: A

Eng 2: B+

Micro: B

Psych A

Stats A

TEAS: 92

I am waiting to hear from two Community colleges for the spring semester. Im praying hard!!

Well looks like we should have a good chance of getting in because there does not seem to be many applicants out there.

PS- 92 on the TEAS!

Hey! I also applied.

A&P 1: A

A&P 2: A

Eng 1: A

Eng 2: D

Micro: A

Psych: A

Stats: C+

TEAS: 78%

Stats & Eng 2 were taken my first year of college (2003-2004), when I was not at all serious about being in college. I had applied to Suffolk a couple of years ago, with relatively same scores (slightly lower on TEAS) and got in, so I'm hoping the applicant pool is similar and I get in again. I turned them down the first time because it just wasn't the right time for me.

I also hold a master's degree, so my academic preparedness is pretty high -- that's the only thing I'm counting on getting me over the hump, as it seems I have similar grades and TEAS score as others who have applied in years past.

Mshanaghy, congrats on the TEAS score! That is super impressive!! You should be a shoe-in with that score and great grades in the sciences.

Murman, your grades are also superb, so I'm sure you will also be accepted.

Nice to "meet" you both. What are your first choices - Grant or Ammerman?

Hey Diva,

Glad to see that someone else out there actually saw the post. I wonder if anyone else is going to join the thread as we move closer to the application deadline.

My first choice is Ammerman and you?

I hope more people join the thread also. It's nice to chat with people who are in the same boat.

My first choice was Grant, but I just got a job at SBU hospital so I may change my first choice to Ammerman. Good luck to you and happy new year!

A&P 1: A

A&P 2: -

Eng 1: C

Eng 2: B+

Micro: -

Psych: A

Stats: B+

TEAS: 84.7

Hoping to get into fall 2017 RN Day program for Ammerman campus. Good luck everyone

A&P 1: B+

A&P 2: -

Eng 1: B+

Eng 2: A

Micro: -

Psych: A

Stats: C+ (Honors) I wish I never let them talk me into that one lol

TEAS: 72.6

Hoping to get into fall 2017 RN Day program.

Hi! I'm new here! Just took the TEAS today and got a 76.7... I'm just starting classes this semester so no prereqs under my belt, keeping my fingers crossed tho! I'm applying for grant campus as my first choice.

Hey there! I applied for an merman day as first choice and grant day as second choice. My grades are:

A&P 1- B

A & P 2- _

Psych- B

Eng1- B

Eng2- B

Stats- A

Micro- _

Teas- 75.6

Praying that I get into something, but if not I'll just continue with my pre reqs and re take the teas. I took it with the horrible stomach virus that was going around and I had to rush through it before I threw up again- so I think I can do a bit better if I take it again.

Wow everyone seems to have already taken a few classes.. when I went to the information seminar they said pre-reqs weren't needed as long as you took the teas. Now I'm worried I don't have enough to make the cut :(


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