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Such a blessing.....

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I'm sitting at my work computer right now, glowing with the news that one of my dialysis patients is hospitalized and is currently in the recovery room doing well. He received his kidney transplant earlier today. I just got off of the phone with his wife. She's so happy, absolutely beyond words. I look out into the lobby of our office and see a wooden plaque that he and his wife gave to us when he first started training to do his peritoneal dialysis at home. It reads Faith, Hope and Love. On the back they wrote a personal message of thanks to our staff, along with a message of their faith that he would get a kidney someday. Well, that day has come. I've only been a nurse for a few short years, but yeah, it just doesn't get much better than the happiness and emotion these folks are feeling today. I'm honored to be a small part of it.

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Thats so wonderful!!!

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Isn't the gratitude of seeing your patients get good news, get well, or survive for that matter an extraordinary feeling?

I carry that with me always. Sometimes months of stress can disappear after one good outcome for someone you have cared for in your nursing career!

Yeah, I get it!:typing:nurse::redpinkhe

My husband became a kidney donor at age 47 when he was DC'd off life support. I am thankful everyday that his kidney was used, and a part of him lives on. Being able to donate his organs made his death (from a "medical incident") a little easier....

As a side note, we found out when they went to remove his kidneys, that he was born with only one very large, well functioning kidney. But I always have felt bad for the other person who did not get a kidney. But his recipient is doing well and we keep in touch...

Curious to know how the transition from banking into nursing went foryou...are you happier? I'm currently in banking (8 yrs now) and want so badly to become a nurse...any advice?


Specializes in LTC/ rehab/ dialysis.

Topgungirl, I looooove nursing. I was in banking for so long. Started out in a branch. Worked as a branch manager for a while. Most of the time (last 10 years) I was in H.R. in banking. I just got so tired of it. The employee relations part was the worst, doing the layoffs, the investigations. I was always the "bad" one. I do dialysis now. I work in P.D. training patients to do their own dialysis at home. It's very rewarding for me. I never felt fulfilled in banking. Here I do. I feel like a make a difference. Advice for you. Just follow your heart. I didn't go thru my nursing program till I was 45. I wish I would have done it much, much sooner. I do feel my banking skills (people management, interpersonal skills, etc) are very transferrable to nursing. Best of luck to you!!!! (hugs)

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I'm a nephrology APN and I always get a thrill when I find out one of my pts is transplanted. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing Happy2CU, you're words are incouraging. I too love being around members of our credit union and actuallly enjoy it more now that I have gotten out of mgmt, but i don't want to stay long term. I had a brain tumor removed this year and now I'm having problems with seizures...yikes! I knew after my surgery though that I wanted to go into nursing for sure so I could be home more often with our little boy. My B.S. is in community health and again I wish i would have takin' the nursing route a looooong time ago! You just never know what life is going to throw at you...what an accomplishment at 45 though, so many think they are too old to try something new and just become complacent...I'm glad you've found your niche!

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