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Hello, I just wanted to see if anyone has any experience with this. I was accepted to a Rn program starting late July. I already submitted a Declaratory Order for an arrest a minor dui and drug paraphernalia. The Dui was dismissed and I got deferred adjudication for the other. I am worried that since they are what they are my case may go into review and take 6 months. This was 5 years ago. Anybody with any experience in time frame or anything would be helpful. I'm scheduled for my finger prints next week. T.I.A!

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I had some MIP's from 2008/2009 and mine went in enforcement. My file went into enforcement last July, heard back from the Board at the end of December telling me to get a chemical dependency evaluation. I had 45 days to get that done and now just waiting to hear back from the Board. I graduated May 2013 and still have not taken NCLEX. It can take along time but I've read about some people on here who have been lucky. I did not have to do a Declaratory Order to get into my school though, just when graduation came and I had to apply for licensure.


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Thank you for your input. This is what I am scared of going to enforcement. My program starts July 28th so I am really hoping bc I was never "charged" that might help.


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just an update I actually got my blue card (I suppose bc there was nothing on my record) on the 17th. Then I also go my ATT on the 24th!


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Amberly27 - I know this post was a while ago, but I just got accepted to Lone Star and will be filing a DO for a dismissed MIP-Alcohol ticket that is 5 years old. So I thought you would be a good person to ask as far as how the process works when you do both the DO and the fingerprints/background check.. If your check comes back clean do they just ignore the DO at that point or did they still have to do the investigation on whatever you disclosed to them following the results of the check? Thanks in advance!


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Sorry I have not signed on in a long time! I hope all went well for you! I got my blue car because there was nothing actually on my record (somehow). Though they did also respond to my D.O.


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Hey Amberly27! Im not sure if you will see this or not. I applied to a lvn program (still waiting on acceptance) however I had 2 charges on my record. An assult from when I was 16 (2006) that was sealed and then a drug para charge from 2009. So since I had these I went ahead and sumbitted a DO. they recieved my fingerprints on 10/9 and I just got a bluecard saying my file was clear today. I called the BON and she told me that my file is still in "review" I am so confused since I recieved the blue card...she said since I disclosed the info even though my file is clear they still have to do an investigation. Do you think the BON will clear me or will it/ can it still go to the enforcement dept. I feel like I should be good since I got my blue card, but again am still nervous. any help would be great! TIA


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that exact same thing with the bon happened to me except i thought i was in the clear all the way. i started nursing school and i just graduated last may. when i applied to get my att i was denied because i did not reply to bon or do something they asked me to do.. because i thought i was cleared by the blue card. anyways i had to go through the whole d.o. process again and this time around they wanted me to do a chemical dependency eval.. which i did and they found nothing wrong.. and i just now heard i have eligibility order which will be another 4-6 weeks until it is final and mailed for me to sign then i will have to send it back. so just a heads up that you are not totally clear and keep in contact with bon

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