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what is the stupidist question that YOU asked in nursing school. i didn't think that this was a stupid question at the time, but now i see how stupid it was. if i was the instructor i would have cracked up. it was first semester, and she was talking about catching a stool for guiac, and catching the urine at the same time. i actually asked her if we would place it in front and then move it for the B.M. can you just picture it. "excuse me, but you'll have to stand up now so i can move your texas hat". the answer surprised me also, because she said that the patient would B.M. first and urinate second. now when i look back i sometimes think about the stupid things that i worried about, but somehow never thought about the really serious problems that one can encounter as a nurse.


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That's not such a stupid question. Two witches hats front to back and your teacher would have had no comment.

Mine wasn't so stupid as ill informed. I described chambers of the heart as auricles and ventricles.....which the WERE in '62 when I took A&P ! New grad instructor marked it wrong with an ugly comment.......older professor fixed it, but asked why I hadn't looked at an A&P book in the intervening 11 years.


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What's an AMBU bag?

Very nice, graceful, kind instructor - just explained it to me and moved on.

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Didn't ask this myself, one of the students I work with was telling me that someone in her class asked what O2 and H2O stood for. :D


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Had to be 'What the hell is an Amino Acid?' You had to have been there-funny stuff:chuckle


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ambu bag doesn't sound stupid. you just didn't know that one.


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I asked lots of stupid questions in school. My grandfater once told me that the only stupid question was one that wasn't asked. Here's a real laugh. Teacher asked on the first day of our medication class, does anyone know what an antipyretic is? No one seemed to want to answer. I piped up well could it mean that it prevents pyoria? The teacher had kittens when she stopped laughing she gave me credit for the try. Of course I will never forget what they are.


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I have wondered some stupid questions to myself, but not out loud (**yet**) There was a girl in my clinical group last semester that asked what a DNR was...the sad thing is, we had already discussed DNR's in class AND in clinical orientation. I felt so bad for her! :o

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A classmate of mine asked "Why in the heck can't I take a blood pressure around a patient's neck? She was the only member of our class to get this multiple choice question wrong...She argued the point until the intructor looked like she would stroke out-she was trying SO hard to keep a straight face and really get this girl to see what she was saying...the lightbulb never came on...Thankfully this chickee was dropped at the end of the first semester...Sadly we heard she lost an infant baby to crib death (not funny)but the morbid jokes proliferated in our class(we were learning the craft,ok?)We really though she probably forgot to feed it or something.She was a few fries short a Happy Meal...a few bricks short a load..Not the brightest bulb....not the sharpest tool in the know the kind-I'm sure you all had at least one in your class....The kind of woman that would sit the baby on the roof of the car and forget it there and drive away....

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