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This is a VA application.

1) "Do you currently have or have you ever had clinical privileges at any health care institution, agency or organization. (if "yes" explain on separate sheet.)"

Does this mean have I ever worked as a nurse somewhere? If so, would my resume or the following page of the application where past jobs are listed constitute the separate page? Or, does "clinical privileges" refer to something else?

2) "Is your professional biography compiled[?]"

What is a "professional biography?" I first assumed it was a resume, however it is referenced later in the application, & now I'm thinking it is something besides that, which I don't know about due to my inexperience as a nurse.

Thank you/Matt


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The first question is aimed at advanced practice nurses (NPs) and MD's. As a SANE nurse, I had to go through the credentialing process, as I wasn't an employee in the ED, but I examined victims of rape. This applies when they have to have permission to practice in a given facility. Not applicable to a bedside nurse.

The 2nd one, I have to admit, in 20 years, I've never seen anything like it. There are professional agencies that put out Who's Who books, and for a fee you get a certificate and a book with a brief bio published. But I've never seen it on a job application. Weird question.


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Thanks, that's more than I knew 5 minutes ago. I'll check "no" to the 1st block, I think I'll check "no" to the pro-bio block, enclose my resume anyway, & get the copy of my college transcripts they are asking for.

Thank you/Matt

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Google is our friend.....LOL....never seen the term before....didn't read about it either, but hope this will help....what little I did read it would seem this might not really apply to you if you are a new grad....good luck


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i hate questions that make me think


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i had the same question, so i am very glad you had already asked. i'm sure by now you have already sent in your application, but for future readers i found that a professional biography is just a summarization of your professional experiences. some may call it a brag sheet. it reminds me allot of how some hospital web sites brag about themselves on their recent achievements.

from what i've read it really should not be any longer than a page, but i don't see the importance of a professional biography for myself since i am also a new grad. please let me know if you have had any negative results when you selecting the no bio box. thanks again for your post!

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Thank you everybody! I googled the term and could not find the info I needed. Once again you all saved me. Thank you!

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A professional biography is like a professional portfolio, I think. It's just a professionally bound 'book' with all your certificates and achievements/accomplishments. I know some nurses who have worked for 20+ years & more who have done them, for applying for jobs and also to show that their credentials are up to date.

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