studying to take the nclex-pn exam

Nursing Students NCLEX


Is it honestly really worth studying for this exam??? I mean I could be studying hours on end and how am I suppose to know if what I studied is really going to be on there? Should I just go and take it with confidence that I WILL pass?

Have you practiced questions like those that would be on it? "Studying" is overwhelming but during a review class taken for the NCLEX there were many who did not study, failed, and were now taking the class after their unsuccessful attempt. Good luck with your exam!!

Good Luck On Taking You Exam I went and took mine without stuying the FIRST Time and Failed.. The NCSBN That writes the NClex Exam OFFERS review course for 3 weeks for 50.00 im starting that on oct 10th.....

Good Luck U Can Do It

Nobody knows what will be asked on their test. That is why you study the body of knowledge presented in the various review books and review courses. Knowing the material before you go into the test increases your chance of passing.

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