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Studying for my NCLEX-RN in 2 weeks!


So I graduated nursing school on May 16th. I attended the Kaplan review class the week after, and learned about the decision tree, and all sorts of other strategies and whatnots...

However, I haven't really looked at it much since then, until a few days ago when I got my ATT and scheduled my NCLEX for June 25. Everyone said the earlier the better, so that's why I went with June 25. My question is...how should I effectively study in this short time? I am getting stressed because it is in 2 weeks! But people say my program prepares us well for the NCLEX because we have a 97% pass rate (somewhere around there)...Not that I want to rely on that, but it does make me feel better.

I have been doing the Kaplan Question Trainers. I got 4 and 5 done and am going to do 6 and 7. I also have an NCLEX book called "Illustrated Study Guide for the NCLEX-RN EXAM" by JoAnn Zerwekh...

Should I just keep doing Kaplan questions on the Question Trainer and read the book? Or should I be trying to make flash cards for important concepts/values, etc...

I guess what I'm asking is...how can I effectively study within these 2 weeks without getting so anxious and stressed and overwhelmed that nothing retains? Because I feel so overwhelmed right now, but am trying not to be...

Thanks in advance!

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Good luck


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I did 100-225 qbank questions a day and then remediated the one's I missed. So you may want to get cracking. After taking all 1200 questions I started building test with the incorrects and remediated those. Trainer 7 is 265 questions, so you may want to take that and start remediating that one too ASAP. I had 180 questions on my nclex and passed.....good luck!

Avill, BSN

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Do You feel ready? Regardless of what your program says? Qbank takes a while ... I would say that you should practice your weak points. Do those qbanks first, and practice priority . I got a bunch on NCLEX.

Happy studying !

Okay. Thank you so much! I felt confident until I scored 56% on the question trainers on Kaplan... X(