how to study for OCN in march 2015


Hello Friends

I am planing to take my OCN exam in March/ April

Please guide me as to how I can study , what books to buy, any classes and CE prior to taking the exam

All advise is helpful.


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Hi Drcricket,

I took OCN exam last year. I studied from both Core Curriculum by ONS and the study guide (with questions.) Core Curriculum is a nice book to have although I felt some information is outdated. The most helpful preparation in my opinion and several others I've talked to, is do the study guide questions, go through them twice if you can.

Good luck!


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Hello Tokebi

Thank you for the input, I would appreciate if you could send me the picture of the book or ISBN number so I know I am getting the correct book.

Thank you




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Here's the amazon listing of the study guide:

Study Guide for the Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing: 9780721603599: Medicine & Health Science Books @

You'll also see the Core Curriculum under "related materials." Like I mentioned, however, I'd say study guide is a "must" and core curriculum as "optional." Provided of course, that you'll study from any reputable sources on the topics that you find yourself lacking while solving through the study guide questions.


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The study guide was incredibly helpful for me when I took the exam last year. I ended up just reviewing chemo regimens and side effects and then doing about 20 chapters of practice questions. I passed and did well according to the score report generated at the end.


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I used the study guide. I have the Core Curriculum and glanced through it, but the study guide helped with giving rationales.


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Can you please send me link to buy study guide book. I was confuse when I did Google.