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  1. Which Place is best to work

    Hello Everyone, I live in Alexandria, VA and working as a bedside nurse almost three years. I am looking for a job near to my home, but I am panic and more stressful to find a good job because my former job was crazier and can not work anymore. Pleas...
  2. how to study for OCN in march 2015

    Can you please send me link to buy study guide book. I was confuse when I did Google.
  3. how to prepare OCN exam

    Thank you bonnielilgirl for your suggestion,I will buy those book.
  4. how to prepare OCN exam

    Hi everyone, I am thinking about to take OCN exam end of this year, but I do Not know how to prepare for that exam, which book is the best for exam preparation? what are the basic requirement for that exam?u thank you everyone in advance for your sw...