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Hi everyone, I am thinking about to take OCN exam end of this year, but I do Not know how to prepare for that exam, which book is the best for exam preparation? what are the basic requirement for that exam?u

thank you everyone in advance for your sweet comment.:yes:


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Hi-these are the two books that I used to study for the OCN (well the updated versions of them anyways) one is basically a textbook and the other is how just a book of questions in the same style as the OCN. It follows the format of the textbook.

Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing-, 5e: 9781455776269: Medicine & Health Science Books @

Study Guide for the Core Curriculum for Oncology Nursing, 5e: 9781455754199: Medicine & Health Science Books @

I also used this book after I finished with the other study guides. It has 2 practice tests.

OCN Exam Practice Questions: OCN Practice Tests & Exam Review for the ONCC Oncology Certified Nurse Exam: 9781627338783: Medicine & Health Science Books @

What worked for me-read the textbook in full-and then do the questions, all of them, twice. It's all about the style they are written in...

good luck! Let us know how it goes!


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Thank you bonnielilgirl for your suggestion,I will buy those book.

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