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School starts in 2months(ADN)!! I'm super nervous! I went to orientation last month and they gave us a "suggested" weekly time commitment for class time and studying. The studying is about 12-14 hours a week. I have extremely poor study habits and have trouble retaining/recalling information (probably from poor study habits). I received mostly B's in all of my pre reqs, but it was from lots of " cramming" and last minute remembering. I realize this is going to work against me in nursing school. I'm afraid that I will fail for sure. I have lots of support for school and have been able to reduce my work schedule down to only 2 days/ week when school starts.. I have a 20 y/o son away in college and a 4 y/o stepdaughter at home so I don't have too many distractions at home. I am currently taking a summer class (nutrition) and decided that I would get my act together and really be diligent. As always, I started off strong and now I find myself falling back into old " cramming" habits again. Sometimes when I start studying , I suddenly get sleepy. I need advice on getting my act together before nursing school starts. I want to be a nurse. Badly. But I know I need to change these habits. Advice greatly appreciated!

Thank you for this. I'm gonna check out some or these sites right NOW!

Try making a few friends in the program to check up on one another! Push each other. You seem like you're totally giving up before the fight has even started! Not the attitude you want. But at least you've identified your issue. Now explore several solutions, implement the best one, and finally - arrive at your solution! (

Yes! I know it seems like I've given up before the fight has started:),but not just yet! The other thing that I didn't mention is that I am 40 years old.... And ummmmmm, I don't have a plan B so I know I need to be SUPER focused and organized. I always start off strong then fall into old habits (ie, studying in the bed while my boyfriend watches netflix:no:, checking facebook every hour and blah blah blah). Anyway as you said, I realize what my issue is which is why I'm really trying to get it together. I watched one of the videos that pmabraham posted (LBCC-how to remember for tests) it was extremely helpful! I'm gonna check out some more tomorrow! I also purchased a daily planner (separate from my personal one) just for school so that I can map out study time/family time etc..anywho, ok I'm rambling. Good luck to you too! We got this! I ordered my uniform 2 weeks ago and it's in! Woooohoo! It's feeling more official.

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Great suggestions pmabraham !!!! Awesome! I subscribed to this thread so I will have those helpful links when I start my accelerated program at Drexel in March 2015!!!!

HolisticRN2016, my advice (just from surviving Bio undergrad) is to make a friend or study buddy! I am usually a lone wolf with most things but I found that having one other person to chat with about things you dont understand or explain to them things that they don't totally get, is SO helpful! It helps solidify the info in your head and sometimes just having someone else rephrase a concept is all you need to have it click in your own head! It's also just really important to have a good support system in your program, even if it's only one person :)




Do you have a recorder to record lecture? Those are handy! I'd listen to the recordings same day I had lecture and take more detailed notes at home. I find that daily studying may get slightly boring but it helps in the long run. Reading and staying on top of the game is essential. studying notes the same day as lecture is important too. Good luck in NS!:D