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  1. Yes, a bit unprofessional; however, at my school the dress code is STRICTLY enforced. If a student even shows up for clinical Inappropriately there is no way my instructor would even let them participate. At my school there would never even be a need for this email because we already know the deal and the instructor would have dealt with the "violators" one on one. We don't get kudos for being in uniform. It's expected. Tattoos? Fake nails? Piercings? Ha! No way. Even our socks have to be white. They even tell us that our hair has to be in "naturally occurring shades" only. Maybe you're school isn't enforcing it as strictly as they think they are.
  2. HolisticRN2016

    I was ACCEPTED today!!!

    Just turned 41 and am starting my 2nd semester. Yes, this is a career change for me as well. I've been a hairstylist forever. It's gonna be hard work and these classes will bend and stretch you beyond what you could ever imagine. This is the first time in my life that I am working towards something and it feels like it's EXACTLY what I should be doing! Good luck you can do it!
  3. HolisticRN2016

    47yrs old in 4days and starting class

    I just turned 41 and am starting my 2nd semester! Shout out to the 40 and over crew! Ha! We got this!
  4. HolisticRN2016

    Just registered for my LAST semester of nursing school

    Congrats! I just finished my first semester! Can't WAIT to get to where you are! Yaaaaay! Good luck to you!
  5. HolisticRN2016

    Nursing School Schedule??

    Also, I forgot to add that we received a schedule of classes/exams/labs/clinicals over the summer during orientation before school actuallly started. I also started off the beginning of the semester working my full time job (I'm a hairstylist) but once clinicals started I had to cut back to 2 days a week. I honestly cannot afford to work any less than this but I'm not sure what next semester will bring. We got a "glimpse" of the schedule and most people are complaining that they will be unable to work. As a hairstylist I am able to make my own schedule, but trust me,as much as my clients love me, I realize that they need stability as well. And forget if I have an exam to study for. I may take off a few days before just to study. But the bottom line is that nursing school is my focus, so I've already accepted that I may lose a few people. I feel bad though because I've done some of these clients hair for years!
  6. HolisticRN2016

    better to do ASN at a community college?

    My school offers the online program, but honestly after just completing my 1st semester, I have no idea how or why (other than convenience)anyone would want to do this. Nursing school is grueling(and fun) but the VOLUME of information that you are required to know can be quite challenging (especially if you're like me and don't have a previous history in the medical field). There is no way I could've kept up with the workload if I did this online. I barely kept up in person. lol
  7. HolisticRN2016

    What kind of supplies will I need for nursing school?

    As someone stated you will find out all that you need from your school. but please please please get comfortable shoes for clinicals.I am just finishing up my first semester. We had to wear white shoes and I figured it would only be twice a week so I just got some cheap white pumas for 40 bucks. My feet were killing me. Literally. I sucked it up the entire semester because I could not afford to get another pair, but I will definitely be asking Santa for some comfy Nikes. Lol. I've been a good girl!
  8. HolisticRN2016

    Nursing School Schedule??

    I am currently finishing up my first semester in an ADN program. Yesssssssss! Lol... My schedule for this semester was: Fundamentals of Nursing-6 credits monday 8-11, Wednesday 8-10 Professional Nursing as a Role-1 credit Mondays only 12-1 Health Assessment & Promotion-2 credits Tuesdays only 9-11, plus a lab that follows which is from 11:30-1 Thursday- lab from 8-11 The semester started around the last week of August and we started clinicals the 3rd week of October. Clinicals were on Thursday AND Friday from 7-3 for 5 weeks. The first 2 weeks we went to long term care (nursing home) and then the next 3 weeks we went to acute care (hospital). Clinicals ended the week before Thanksgiving. When we returned from the thanksgiving break, we resumed our regular lab schedule of Thursday only 8-11. In between alllll of that were papers, exams, quizzes, projects and a whooollllllle lotta studying. Good luck! You can do it!
  9. Hello all! So happy I made it thru my 1st semester of nursing school (well actually I have 2 finals next week and then I'm done). It was grueling but 1 semester down 3 more to go. Anywho, I am completely terrified about the next class. We will be learning more of the "how's" and "why's"of oxygenation, homeostasis,perfusion and metabolism. First of all, I've already "heard" that second semester is the one that most students fail. While I am great at memorization, I realize that this class will require a shift and more than just memorizing things and that scares me. I never liked chemistry and although I got b's in my pre reqs, I never quite grasped the concepts of the detailed workings of the body. Again, I can memorize the pathway of blood to the heart and lungs, but to explain exactly what or why it's happening.... I really Couldn't tell ya!. My school is offering an 8 hour orientation over the Xmas break BEFORE the class starts to get us acclamated (sp?) and they've given us an assignment to do BEFORE the orientation. Some of the questions on the assignment reference PTH, and what is the purpose of t3 and t4... I literally looked at these questions and thought I'm screwed. I know this information is critical to becoming a nurse and just giving bed baths and doing assessments and giving medication isn't gonna cut it. I'm afraid that I will have trouble comprehending and applying this information to nursing care. We were also told that we should review a&p. I don't know what to do. I have no problem memorizing things but I often walk away with little understanding. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  10. HolisticRN2016

    Advice for New Nursing Students

    I will be finishing my 1st semester on Wednesday. Two words... No sleep.lol
  11. HolisticRN2016

    Select all that apply...

    Just started nursing school this semester. I haaaaaaaaate these questions..I've been getting them right though so far, but I'm only in fundamentals. I imagine that there only gonna get harder
  12. HolisticRN2016

    First week of Nursing School

    I just finished my 4th week/1st semester (ADN). I love it but It is soooooooooo hard. I have to be extremely organized. And reading? It's impossible. I record the lectures and re-listen to them while I take notes on my power point and then I study the power point and notes. I only goto the book for clarification/understanding. Got a 95 on my first dosage test (can only get one wrong. 2wrong is considered failing the test) and received an 88 on my 1st fundamentals exam. While I was happy with the 88, I was kinda hoping for higher since I studied ad nauseum. I love school.but Money is definitely tight. My boyfriend works full time, I work part time and we are still struggling. I currently work Thursday and Friday but soon clinicals will start and guess what days they will be on?you guessed it. Thursday and Friday. Not sure what I will do then. I'm pretty much willing to let my life fall apart (within reason) while I'm in school. I know people work full time while going to school but I'm not that disciplined. The schedule is very erratic at school. Our classes are obviously the same every week but between supplemental instruction classes, exam prep, open lab, travel time, etc..... My schedule is all over the place. I feel like I'm settling into my "groove". I enjoyed pre reqs, but NOW I'm officially feeling like a real nursing student.