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i just took the nclex last saturday and i got 75 q. i tried the pvt many times already and i end up getting the cc page. i just knew i didnt pass bcoz pvt is like 100% accurate. i studied by answering questions and averaging around 50-60%. back in college, i always do study group with my friends and always do good in exams that's why im thinking to join a group study bcoz i think that would help me a lot. problem is I studied in a foreign school so i dont have any nursing grad friends. so anyone interested to form a group study with me? just pm me. tnx. i hope to pass nexttym.

Be persistent with your study. If you don't give up, you will pass.

Hi kris, so hows the test?

Hi kris, so hows the test?

i was really overwhelmed with the exam. i got 75 questions. atleast 12 drugs which i havent heard of, 20 sata, 3 math, and plenty of i wished i studied harder hays. i applied for cali so there's no quick result. im just relying with the trick. i already told my parents about the trick but they are still hoping that i passed. i was really offended because my aunt made a bet with my realtives and most of them said that i wont pass. i was really hurt because most of them think that i cannot do it. and they were even laughing about it. i plan to take the exam sometime nextyear bcoz i feel that im not prepared yet to take the exam. i just dont know how to pick my self from here. i cannot afford to leave my job and just focus studying. im so down right now.

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