Students, how about a chat Friday night 9/27/02?

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anyone up for it? if so, post the time you are available or post the day you may be able to do so.


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I won't be home on Friday night, otherwise I would LOVE to chat !! :wink2: :)


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On second thought, if you guys chat later Friday evening I might be able to chat.

Are you using the same chat area as last time? MSN I think.

It was so FUN last time !!:roll :wink2:


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Sounds good keep us posted!! Late would be good.


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How late???? I work 3 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

But I could get on line at work. So let me know what time????????????


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that night sounds good. the best time for me would be around 9:00 p.m. cst. i missed the last one, so i would love to join in on this one. :balloons:

i will need the address again, but if it's still posted here, just let me know where and i can look it up. oh yeah, later than 9 cst would be good also, but not much later...will have to get up for work the next morning.

see y'all soon,




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Where will the chat be?


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i am there..i can make it anytime..just let me know when and where


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it does not matter what chat room we use.

i will post the one we used last time later tonight or tomorrow. i will be there at 9pm cst for those who can make it and stay for a spell.

i will get most of my studying done tomorrow morning as i did today because i do not have classes.

see you later and have a great rest of your night.


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I would love to participate in a chat, I'll check back later for the address! Looking forward to it!


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ok... I'm ready to chat... when and where?? :-}


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Just let me know where and when!!!


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