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We've had several threads from everyone saying they were accepted to various schools, but if everyone is willing let's do one big thread for everyone that will be starting anesthesia school this... Read More

  1. by   californianurse
    I'll be going to TWU. I haven't heard about my clinical site yet.
  2. by   Pedsccrn
    Quote from californianurse
    I'll be going to TWU. I haven't heard about my clinical site yet.

    Congrats californianurse. Good luck.

  3. by   downtown
    I start TCU in the fall! (Clinical site - Harris Methodist Ft Worth)
  4. by   2bna
    I have been waiting a long time to post on this thread!! I have been accepted to Anesthesia school at Mount Marty!!! Thanks to everyone here for all the info and encouraging posts!! It does happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   californianurse
    ...Change of direction...I'm GOING TO TCU!!!!!!!!!! Boo-ya, y'all! This was the best phone call of my life! umpiron::whe!::chrs::chrs::lghmky::mkjdnc::ys!!!:
  6. by   Biotechnology
    Congrats!!! Californianurse!!! I could tell from your posts that you really wanted TCU!!!And now you are in!!!! I am sure it feels great!!
  7. by   gasmaster
    way to go california!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know how much u wanted this and i am so happy for you!!!!
  8. by   armynse
    OMG... You go girl...I'm truly excited for you. Having the opportunity to attend your top choice is a chance of a lifetime. Enjoy...
  9. by   Hydakins
    Quote from BlakeS

    Applied to Albany Medical College: interviewed and accepted. Will start this upcoming fall.

    Also applied to U of Buffalo: interview granted but declined d/t acceptance at AMC.

    I picked AMC because of the small class size, diverse clinical sites, and that it grants a Masters of Science in Anesthesia upon completion.
    Congratulations on your entry. How is the program?
  10. by   CCUROB
    tcu c/o 2010 baby!!! congrats californianurse!!! see you in the fall!!
  11. by   Pedsccrn
    whooohooo! californianurse. i'm so glad to hear you got in! did you get your clinical site? soooooooooo happy for you. c-you in a couple of months.

  12. by   californianurse
    all for your stellar support! We'll have to get together for a meal/drink a few days before orientation. I can't wait! Oh, and, we should definitely do a "class night" where we go to at least one football game during the fall semester. Go Horned Frogs!!!!!!!!
  13. by   gasmaster
    I was told that on the 21st Kay has a dinner for all the new students & their spouses/SO's. She also does tailgate parties at the football games. So.....guess we will see each other then, but CCURob, Cali, and Peds...we ought to meet sometime earlier before then for a celebration drink (and anyone else going to TCU!)