What do you look at when you try to pick out a CRNA school?

  1. Hello there,

    Any ideas on where to start to look for a CRNA school? Any feedback will be really appreciated.
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  3. by   chrissy44
    How long have you been an RN ?
  4. by   Candyn
    I am a New Grad RN. I just try to figure out the school first to plan on taking required classes or graduate classes to increase my chance of getting in.
  5. by   BxRN0808
    I have just been accepted to a CRNA program. I looked for a short program (28 months or less), if they required the GRE. 1 year critical experience, clinicals all within one state ( many programs have clinicals in multiple states and require you get a RN license in each one), and a class of 15-30.
  6. by   ckh23
    I looked for a school with a strong reputation, high board pass rate, low attrition rate, cost, etc. I also look at the requirements because I wanted a program that cared who they let it and not just anyone with the bare minimum and a pulse. I also looked for schools that give a well rounded education and clinical experience.
  7. by   Candyn
    Clinical all within one state is actually what I prefer too. How did you find out about that? Call each school and ask or they have that on their website?
  8. by   Candyn
    Again, how did you start? Did you go through all CRNA school?
  9. by   missnurse01
    Hi Candyn!

    I actually went through the entire CRNA school list from AANA .com. They list each accredited school and give some general info as well as contact info for each school. I had a huge list of things that I weeded through the whole list with. For me having a family I didn't want to be in a major city as that is not my personal preference for family life. Also many of the other comments were also things that I looked at-am I just a number there? Is there info here on this website or other websites regarding how the schools treat their students? I have been able to email students from a few programs I am looking at to get an idea of these types of things. The amount of nursing classes vs science classes in the curriculum was also important to me-I wanted programs to be more science heavy. I also looked at weather they were granting MSN or MSNA or other type of degree. Hmmm what else. Requirements of course, like whether there was a time limit on when you took sciences-as it has been a while for me. Where the clinicals were...I didn't want to have to commute a huge distance or have more than one state RN licensure to pay for and maintain. Cost of the program was also important I am the sole income provider for my family. Amount and quality of clinicals and also residency competition for cases was also important. Good luck! Study all your critical care stuff!! Learn all you can now about drips and hemodynamics.

  10. by   Candyn
    1. How do you find out if a program is more science-based or nursing-based? I am on your side. I like science a lot.
    2. I looked up info about MSN and MSNA. Is it correct if MSN is for someone who wants to teach later? Someone even mention MSN is better for further education? Is it true? What kind of areas can you go after CRNA? I thought it is the highest education for nursing. I am very confused about the differences between the MSN and MSNA.
    3. How did you find out about the amount and quality of clinicals? What did you mean about residency competition for cases?
    4. What school do you go to? Do you mind if I continue to contact you?
    Thank a lot
  11. by   missnurse01
    Hi Candyn! yes feel free to contact me although there are many on here that are more expert in this area than I am!

    I looked at the programs curriculum to determ what type of classes they required....if there was quite a few nursing classes (some schools have u to 8 that are nursing related, which is important and all, but not NA related or if they had you taking MSN classes with other MSN students-non NA students) this was a flag for me. I wanted a program that was very focused on CRNA specific education and sciences. I personally did not want to be bogged down with a ton of nursing theory classes. But everyone is different and yes we are still nurses...but it's not for me.

    Yes, it seems that for programs that grant MSN degrees, you have to have an MSN to teach there. I assume it will be a moot point in the future when they start to require DNP for teaching. I have no idea about schools who do not grant MSN if their instructors are also required to have MSN not MSNA. If you are going to go for your DNP, you will have to see if the institution will take MSNA or not. No a doctorate isn't required yet, but there is that option for further education should you want it.

    For clinicals I looked at the listed clinical sites...what type of hospitals were they at? Did they list what type of cases you would do there? I looked here and other boards for people talking about their experiences. Many schools also listed the average number of different types of cases each student would have, and also number of different types of regionals. I am hoping to be well rounded when I get out, not have to have my place of employment do a lot of on the job training. Hoping anyway! By residency I mean is there MD anesthesia students also going to the same university and/or hospitals as my school/clinicals are...if so that means they may have top pick for cases over you, same thing with procedures.

    The more I started researching schools, the more things I had to look at...I have been researching for about 3 years now...

    I am applying for the 2013 start...here's to hoping! I have 8 schools on my list left and will apply to my top 4.

  12. by   Candyn
    Thank you very much. Your info is awesome.
    Do you mind to message me your email?
    I will wish you lot of luck
  13. by   bmobSRNA2015
    I made a spreadsheet of all the schools in the nation and listed name, #months, #credits, Front loaded or integrated(I prefer to be accepted to a front loaded program), gpa req, gre scores required, In-state & out-of-state tuition, Prereqs required (This is important because every program is different and some require grad stats to be taken at their school before you apply), application deadline, and start date.
    I put it into excel so that I could sort by criteria and then I color coded schools, and eliminated schools 1 by 1 based on my preferences.
    I really wish I had put a column for where clinicals are because having to travel is a huge factor in deciding on which schools to apply to!
  14. by   missnurse01
    wow I thought I was the only crazy person investigating all the schools polarbecca! I listed shortest and longest mileage to clinicals on my document though, lol.

    Candyn, I pm'd you.