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I recently interviewed for a position at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey's (UMDNJ's) CRNA program. This is my account of that experience. We arrived, still asleep, at 7am. In... Read More

  1. by   RNpjm

    I received your private message regarding UMDNJ. Since I am a new member to the All Nurses forum- it is not allowing me to e-mail you back. I'd be happy to reply back & answer your questions. Please contact me at
  2. by   MCleeezy
    jjust wondering when did umdnj interview? january?
  3. by   RNpjm
    Hi, UMDNJ sent out the interview invitation letter during the last week of December and the actual interview was the last week of January. Acceptance letters were mailed out within the following week.
  4. by   bluhnr
    I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with your opinion. I have also interviewed at UMDNJ, and have few friends who graduated the program. I also work with CRNAs that graduated Columbia or Downstate. They all agree that UMDNJ (now Rutgers) is the best CRNA school in the NYC area. The Columbia graduates did not get into UMDNJ, but got to Columbia.
    The program director is nicest person ever! THe assistant director is tough, but he's not mean at all.
    As for the interview, they cut you off mid sentence, and shout out questions for a reason. They want to see how you respond in a stressful situation. If you can't handle the interview, you probably will not do good under OR stress when the surgeon is yelling at you.
  5. by   wowommi
    Hey all, am very new at this site and am trying to know where and what to do to communicate with others. am having three interviews coming up soon, two this week and needed some help and tips.
  6. by   prospectcrna
    Hey guys, did anyone apply to routers this year?