1. a friend of mines is telling me that by the time im done i will have around 90 to 200,000 in student loans

    here is what i have already
    6,000 for my first two years
    14,000 when i finish my bsn

    grad school will cost me
    3,500 a quater x's 8 =28000
    i was told not to work during grad school

    omg i think i should just marry rich
    i really hadnt done the math until right now
    im offically going to die owing the cal state university system
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  3. by   Mommy TeleRN
    what will you be getting a degree for in grad school? some hospitals offer loan repayment. Not sure what your payment would come out to for that much - but my hospital will repay $250/month forever as long as you are employed there - no limit until paid off. Maybe your employer will help out

    Just make sure the end justifies the means and you will get return on your investment.

    Can you save up some money before grad school to live off of? 200,000? holy smokes! I think that is way over the top. 50,000 to become a CRNA ..that might make more sense.
  4. by   Mommy TeleRN
    can't edit my post - site acting odd -- just wanted to add I came from the main page and didn't notice this was the CRNA forum. Perhaps some CRNAs will have some ideas for you
  5. by   futurecnm
    Are you an RN now?? Some hospitals will pay to further your education. I am getting my associates (much cheaper and we can't afford for me to do my BSN right now), and I am hoping to start working when I'm done in 2008. I am hoping to find a hospital to help me pay for my BSN and possibly masters (in the future, after my kids are older...!) I'd love to continue my education but like I said, I don't want to pay for it for years to come!
  6. by   fiveofpeep
    Im following about the same education path as you. Ill be transfering to CSULB in about a year then will get my BSN in 3 yrs 15,000 dollars later. Then I will get my masters AFTER working for at least 2 years.

    If you are considering any type of advanced practice nurse position, you need experience anyways so why not just save up for grad school during those years of experience?

    That is my plan so hopefully my debt will be minimal. you can also take your masters part time and work part time or full time. I plan on doing that so I can keep going with my experience.

    Good luck!
  7. by   RN007
    You might consider working full time for a hospital with a good tuition reimbursement program and going to grad school part time while getting reimbursed for it. That's what I plan to do ...
  8. by   TrudyRN
    You can work during grad school. At least, a little bit. A lot of students work weekend option, which is working 40 hours between 3 p.m. Friday and 11:59 p.m. Sunday. Hard but lots of people do it. Or just work 2 or 3 regular shifts and have spending money.

    You could maybe live with your parents and not have to pay rent and utilities. I know rapid transit is pretty non-existent in southern Cal so you probably do still need a car and gas money, insurance, and parking money, car maintenance. Eat cheaper by cooking instead of eating out. Eat peanut butter and other inexpensive but healthy stuff. Borrow textbooks or buy them used online instead of new at college. Have your family give you a decent stethoscope for Christmas. You need a middle of the line one, not the ultimate in Cardiology stethoscopes, unless you know you want to go into Cardiology. Have them also gift you some school supplies and/or scrubs and some work shoes.

    $28,000 + $14,000 = $42,000. Where do get the $90-200,000 figures?

    You'll do ok. Just check out these suggestions. Maybe you could also make some money by selling stuff to the other students. Food always sells. Or type their papers. Or sew for them.

    Try to work off your BSN by getting your employer to pay for it. You receive loan forgiveness when you hire on and commit to working for an employer for a certain term. This is very common. I wonder why no one informed you of this.
  9. by   catcolalex
    chill out, everyone owes that. Its not that hard to pay off when your salary is CRNA salary.
  10. by   iluvmynavyman
    your guys are so great i feel so much better