Disadvantage attending a smaller program?

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    Hey everyone,
    I got accepted in to MSN program and a DNP program and now its just a matter of making the decision. I am leaning towards the MSN program however it is a smaller program as compared to the DNP program. The DNP program is in a major city and has clinical sites at major hospitals, but with that also comes a huge price tag and a longer program. The MSN program only has one trauma center it rotates to and the rest are smaller hospitals and CRNA only practices. My plan is to return home after school and to work in a large tertiary care level 1 trauma hospital that does hearts, heads, trauma, transplant, ortho, etc. I'm a little nervous that going to a smaller school may not adequately prepare me for practice in a large facility that does a huge variety of cases. Has anyone attended a smaller program and then worked at a large facility post graduation? How was the transition?
    Thank you in advance for the responses!
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  3. by   loveanesthesia
    Once you see what it's like to be an independent CRNA I wouldn't be surprised if you change your mind about the big trauma center.
  4. by   BigPappaCRNA
    You have your expectations turned around. IT is highly likely you will learn and do far more in the smaller program. And being in a CRNA ony site will get you far better experiences. And YOU will be doing everything. For the purposes of learning how to be a well rounded, solid provider, please, please, please go to the smaller program.

    Large programs in large hospitals in large cities get some amazing cases, but you will be fighting with residents to get to do them. And you will be controlled by the MDAs and politics of the institution. Simply no great reason to go big.
  5. by   PresG33
    At my large sites the attending a pushed induction drugs, were stingy with giving us central lines and blocks, and I did a few really cool big cases and a bunch of normal cases. At my CRNA/Indy rotations I did all my own inductions, did a ton of blocks/central lines, epidurals, etc, and did a few really cool big cases and a bunch of normal cases. I went to a small program (14 in my class) and it was the best decision I ever made