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Anybody get any C's in there undergrad coursework and get excepted. I'm getting a little nervous in a statistics course. If so, did you have to explain at your interview? tHANKS FOR ANY REPLIES!... Read More

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    Quote from NurseAbbyRN
    I am simply going by the gpa provided by my school. I currently attend an online RN-BSN program where I have completed 156 credit hours of the 180 necessary for graduation. This institution has my transcripts from the my other schools, and when I look under my degree audit/gpa area of the website, it is stated that I have a cumulative GPA of 4.0. I suppose it wouldn't hurt if I contacted my academic advisor to ask if this is correct.
    Usually, any school will give you credit for the transferred classes, but will not include those grades into your GPA for that school.

    I have four different GPAs, one from each of the schools I have attended. But my CUMULATIVE GPA can only be figured by adding all the hours together with all the grade points for each school then calculating it separately.

    Example: let's say you attend school 1, which shows your GPA as 4.0, but you've also previously attended two other schools, with GPAs below:
    school 1: 40 hours 160 points 4.00 GPA
    school 2: 36 hours 140 points 3.88 GPA
    school 3: 44 hours 154 points 3.50 GPA
    your cumulative GPA = 120 hours/454 points ==> 3.78 GPA

    Hope this helps with calculating your actual cumulative GPA...since that is what the schools will want to see when you apply for a CRNA program (along with a GPA for science/math, the last 60 hours GPA, nursing GPA). All of these can be calculated yourself so you can see where you really stand.
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    What school did your buddy get into with a 2.8 GPA? What did he do to set himself apart from the other applicants? Any info would be greatly appreciated.