CRNA school Puerto Rico

  1. A few hints on CRNA school application process in Puerto Rico and why you should consider CRNA school here.

    CRNA school Puerto Rico

    I feel the need to update information regarding CRNA schools available in Puerto Rico. I my self found lots of information gaps when I was considering a school in Puerto Rico. NOW that I have gone through the process and currently living the SRNA student life in Puerto Rico, I feel obligated to share with those considering CRNA in Puerto Rico some very helpful insight.
    When applying to an accredited CRNA start by visiting the AANA site for a list of accredited schools....this is a most, dont skip this step. Also, verify the passing scores of those school that you are considering.

    When you visit that site, Puerto Rico has 3 accredited CRNA schools, be aware that Puerto Rico has other schools that offer programs but you will NOT be able to sit for national boards if you go to those other schools. If your plan is to stay in Puerto Rico and never ever practice outside of PR, that might be an option.

    I dont know any of those schools because that is not my interest. As far as the 3 accredited school I will not talk about any of them in particularly but will go over general of the 3.
    I will start by giving you a quick background of my self. I am originally from Puerto Rico and left the island over 15 years ago, when I graduated from High School and decided to move to the states for my University studies. With that been said, spanish is my first language but my nursing school and experience has all been in the states and all english.

    So considering to move back to the island for a period of around 2 years, without a job, minimum family left in the island, very rusty spanish and no medical spanish experience ....SCARY! Is an understatement.

    So dont be discourage if lack of spanish is your first doubt holding you back.
    So lets start with why a school in PR? ....obvious cheap school cost ..~20k definitely less than 30k for the entire program, compare to 70k up to 130k a program in the states.
    It is a very competitive application process and you are still trying to earn a spot out of anywhere from 9 to 25 spot available per year.

    Know that island life and island system is not the same as the system in the states. The process is slow, is very repetitive, and some process might seem "ridiculous", but it has always been this way and it work in the island. The process is all hard copies and paper and pen kind of process, therefore it will require for you to get the application, get all the part together and mail them in. ** important, start here** The process of getting your RN license by endorsement in PR can take up to 6 months, I am not exaggerating.

    You might be invited to an interview and you might even get accepted but if you dont have your license in hand by the time the program start, you will loose your spot. We had 2 students that could not start the program because their license was still not granted when the program started, so sad because now they have to wait another year to move on with their life goals.

    when you send any documents:
    - certified letter
    - keep copies of EVERYTHING
    - keep all emails

    So before applying to a school make sure is accredited, figure out the cost of the program the lenght of time of the program and the application process and deadlines.

    Start the license process the moment you decide to apply for the school. Know that other exams are require for application in PR so make sure you schedule those on time for the apication deadlines.

    Once you apply the next step is interview, ask if Skype is a possibility it will save you money need for the move when sometimes is just a 15 min interview. The moment you are considering CRNA school you should start cleaning your bills and get your finances in line. Start considering the options about a vehicle that you will need here while in school, shipping cost, what car to bring considering bad roads and bad drivers (think taxi drivers in NY), housing, again traffic is bad so you want to be closed by school.

    Is not an easy process but not impossible, and you must keep in mind the end goal. If you start the process early, and stay organized the process will go smoothly. Good luck!
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  3. by   CowboyMedic
    A lot of good information in the article.
  4. by   Delia37
    Interesting article...I didn't know PR utilized CRNAs!!
    Low cost of living and an island lifestyle is something to consider for those out there planning to go back to school.
    Thank you for sharing!