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CHF24 has 4 years experience and specializes in SRNA.

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  1. UAMS DNP-CRNA 2021

    Hello everyone, Congratulations to those who got an interview. For those who didn't, do not give up. There are many great programs out there. Now, let's talk about interviews. Last year's interviews were mainly behavioral questions, bu...
  2. UAMS DNP-CRNA 2021

    Interview dates: Feb 22 & 26; March 1 & 5 Isn't set in stone, but will update the forum for any changes.
  3. UAMS DNP-CRNA 2021

    It's not a simple formula. They take everything into consideration. Cumulative GPA, nursing GPA, science GPA, experience, CV/resume, statement, background, certifications, committees, and etc. Getting an interview is great, some say it's the eas...
  4. UAMS DNP-CRNA 2021

    It was difficult, but doable. I highly do not recommend going over the 250 word mark as they want a concise statement. It's basically two questions: 1.) What made you apply to UAMS? What's different from other CRNA schools? What does UAMS (in ge...
  5. UAMS DNP-CRNA 2021

    Email invitations: Feb 14 - Feb 20 Interview dates: March 4th & 5th
  6. UAMS DNP-CRNA 2021

    I recall last year, that form was only to be filled out if the applicant was accepted to the CRNA program. I will ask and get back to you. Form can be found here:
  7. UAMS DNP-CRNA 2021

    Clinical Sites: UAMS, Baptist, St. Vincent, and etc. Students will be rotating through hospitals to get maximum experience. Cases/OR hours: Cases, will vary but UAMS is set for a minimum of 2300 OR hours, that exceeds the minimum OR ...
  8. UAMS DNP-CRNA 2021

    Last year everything was sent directly to the NA department at UAMS. We did not have to do that, may you screenshot it. Thanks.
  9. University of Tulsa Nurse Anesthetist Program

    I interviewed with this school got an offer but chose another school. All I have to say, it's a wonderful school. The interview was pleasant, felt welcomed. It's a new program so @lollyabats would be the best one to answer your questions regarding th...
  10. University of Tulsa Nurse Anesthetist Program

    How times flies!! He never stop believing. Awesome.
  11. UAMS DNP-CRNA 2021

    Hello everyone, I am a current SRNA student in the UAMS DNP-CRNA program, there's not sufficient information about this program because it is new. We are the first cohort and it might sound scary, unprepared, not-tested, and etc. Those were the ...
  12. Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) CRNA 2020

    Attrition is something you have to take into account with any school. The worst outcome is failing, which one is not what anyone wants and accompanied with the school debt. From what I know they accept 20-24 students, meaning they lost 7-9 students ...
  13. Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) CRNA 2020

    No, but you may call: 423.869.6210 for more info
  14. UW Oshkosh CRNA 2020

    Those who got accepted, feel free to join. You're invited to my new group 'UWO CRNA Class of 2023' on GroupMe. Click here to join:
  15. I have no clue, have you tried reaching out to the nursing department?