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CHF24 has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. CHF24

    UW Oshkosh CRNA 2020

    Those who got accepted, feel free to join. You're invited to my new group 'UWO CRNA Class of 2023' on GroupMe. Click here to join: https://groupme.com/join_group/58591638/BqbpTCXp
  2. I have no clue, have you tried reaching out to the nursing department?
  3. CHF24

    UW Oshkosh CRNA 2020

    I got an acceptance letter too!! 🙂 I got accepted to other programs too but I'll be narrowing down my decision soon. Congrats to everyone who got in!!
  4. CHF24

    Goldfarb CRNA 2021

    Hello everyone, I just received an interview. This is a great school, ranked among the best. Interviewing 25-30 applicants for 6-7 spots. According to the email: "Congratulations on being selected to interview for the Goldfarb School of Nursing, Nurse Anesthesia Program. Your application states that you live outside the state of Missouri therefore you are among the first to be contacted because we realize you may need some time to look at travel to St. Louis." According to katherine83: "Last year’s interview was a panel interview with a mix of both personality and clinical based questions. We also got to meet with current students in the program and received a tour around the building/sim center. Overall great experience (but stressful). Good luck to this years applicants!" Anyone else applied?
  5. I got the call too!!
  6. CHF24

    UW Oshkosh CRNA 2020

    Does anyone know how long it was gonna take for them to make decisions?
  7. CHF24

    Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) CRNA 2020

    Should be anytime this week or next week. The interviews are set for April 15.
  8. Have you tried reaching out to UAMS directly?
  9. CHF24

    University of Tulsa Nurse Anesthetist Program

    I got an interview 🙃!! Seeing what day works best for my schedule.
  10. CHF24

    UW Oshkosh CRNA 2020

    Due to very minimal information of UW Oshkosh CRNA interview, I would like to share my personal viewpoint for the upcoming classes. Interview: You will take a short written clinical exam, it’s timed. Following that, you will be in front of a panel which includes (Dean, Faculty, and SRNAs) they will ask majority of personal, behavioral, ethical/morals, etc; as well don’t exclude some clinical questions as ever panel might be a bit different. After that, if possible a SRNA will show you around their simulation lab and briefly share what makes UWO great. Length of time: 90 - 120 minutes Overall, I say it was a great interview. P.S. for future reference, please don’t message me asking about the interview, in detail as I won’t disclose any information.
  11. Anyone else applied to this program?
  12. CHF24

    UW Oshkosh CRNA 2020

    Flying into Appleton. Those that live in WI, what is good place to rent at? It's just me, I don't have a family. I like to do my research before hand, as the program does start in Summer. I want to be prepared and know where to be looking at. Thank you.
  13. CHF24

    UW Oshkosh CRNA 2020

    Up to 75 applicants for 15-20 spots but keep in mind many will accept other offers or other reasons. So a rough number would be < 60 students
  14. CHF24

    UW Oshkosh CRNA 2020

    "Dear Nurse Anesthesia Emphasis Applicant, We are looking forward to meeting you next week! ...." I received this email around 12:50pm CST, regarding instructions.
  15. CHF24

    UW Oshkosh CRNA 2020

    As soon as I get an email regarding instructions, I’ll update the group. Very limited info out there regarding the interview process. I’m just gonna stick studying my CCRN & CMC material, but overall just gonna stick to cardiovascular as that’s my specialty. The program assistant, mention the interviews are only 30 minutes long.
  16. CHF24

    UW Oshkosh CRNA 2020

    Nothing here. They will eventually email us regarding the interview instruction. In the meantime, it’s just a waiting game. by the way, does anyone know if the interview is more personality/behavioral or clinical based?

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