CRNA 2017 - Northshore vs. Rosalind Franklin

  1. Hello all, I'm currently applying to both RF and Northshore. I am not from the area and would like to gather additional information.

    Does one school offer something the other school doesn't?

    Please help!
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  3. by   HopefulSRNA1234
    What state is this in?
  4. by   iculvr
  5. by   MLB4
    Iculvr - have you heard anything from Northshore yet?
  6. by   iculvr
    Quote from MLB4
    Iculvr - have you heard anything from Northshore yet?
    No word yet!! How about you?! I would assume we will hear something soon, as they are looking to interview in June. Let me know
  7. by   MLB4
    Yeah! They have sent out some interview invites, for the first round anyway.. They are extending invites through the whole month of May and maybe even beginning of June, I believe.. They interview June and July.
  8. by   iculvr
    awesome, hopefully I will hear something soon! When is your interview? keep me updated!
  9. by   MLB4
    End of June! Sent you a PM!
  10. by   tnk11
    I also applied to RF, still waiting to hear from them. Do you know much about the school? I'm from out of state and don't know to much about it, just heard it's a good program.
  11. by   brimcnamoo
    I was admitted to North Shore's program last summer, so I'll be in the 2019 cohort. Message me if you have any questions!
  12. by   marcopolo
    I interviewed at both NorthShore and Rosalind Franklin, I was offered admission to both, but decided to go with Rosalind Franklin. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the interview process or information on RF's program.
  13. by   Furix01
    Brimcnamoo and marcopolo.. I'd like to ask you both questions regarding the interview process. I have an interview for Rush's program next month. Not sure if it's the same but I'd like to know your experiences. I don't have PM priviledges.. Thanks!
  14. by   rkt92
    Hi, I recently had an interview. Was just wondering when you found out you were accepted. Also, how are you liking your first year?