Can you get in with a "C"

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I am currently in an accelerated BSN program, and I have 12 more months to go! I definitely have a goal of becoming a CRNA, so I came to these forums in hopes of some advice. My question is, do you think my chances of getting into an anesthesist program are shot because I have a "C" in pathophysiology? I have an overall of above 3.7, but I am very worried about that C. I would like to add that the nursing school I am currently in is very highly-regarded, and very rigorous, academically speaking. I am not sure if the school you earned your BSN from is factored in the admission process. Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated! Also, would it be possible for me to retake the course and the new grade replace the old? Thanks again!!:spin:
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  3. by   skipaway
    Yes, you can get in with a C.
  4. by   TexasGas
    Yup, no worries. Keep doing the best you can, learn all you can.... and you can get in.
  5. by   zrmorgan
    sure you can get in with a C...just don't get any more, and don't get any when you are in anesthesia school. May your next "C" be from the CCNA.
  6. by   MacSplooRN
    Man I am glad that there are some average scoring people here. I had a couple of C's in RN school and graduate with a 2.9. It seems like everybody on here have 3.5 gpa with a 5000 on sat's and GRE's. I'm like dang I won't ever get in then LOL. It's real cool to know that you can C you way into the CRNA program from time to time. But I do know I have to bust my butt on the GRE and get my experience level up.
  7. by   filnurseuk
    can you explain to me your grading system. im in the uk. whats the highest, lowest and failing grade and does that translate into numbers.
  8. by   dfk
    well, in my program, the old saying goes "C equals CRNA".. now mind you, i wouldn't want someone, nor myself, to take of me with a C average ability putting me to sleep... but, speaking in cheek, a C is not the end all be all.. trust me.. to add, a good interview can more than make up for a not so good grade.. trust me even more so on that statement......
  9. by   dfk
    oh, and ANYONE with a 5000 on GRE is SURE to get in..... fo' sho'
  10. by   Brian_SRNA
    I got 2 c's and a D in medical ethics my freshman year in school, I got in in my first choice, first try. 3.5 gpa, average, 1160 gre, slightly above average, the most important thing that the admission boards look at are your reccommendations and your work history. Best of luck.