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ICU, UT knoxville, CRNA Program, 01/07
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Brian_SRNA has 4 years experience and specializes in ICU, UT knoxville, CRNA Program, 01/07.

Start the CRNA program in January of 2007 at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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  1. Brian_SRNA

    Alternative Loans - here's what I've found

    If your credit isn't perfect than you can get a cosigner, a mom dad inlaw etc. Especially if you have already quit work. best of luck. Brian Walsh
  2. Brian_SRNA

    Hurry up and wait...

    Take the time to enjoy a hobby...you wont have any after the program starts...and remember that if you don't get in (which i hope you do), then next year you will already have known what the interview was like, and one more year of experience. Best of luck to you. Brian
  3. Brian_SRNA

    Not trying to stir up bad ideas, but......

    I have to agree with paindoc on this post.....you would not want an anesthesiologist or cardiologist working in a pediatric well baby clinic...it wouldn't make sense...our training is specialized and we are great at what we are trained to do...but CRNA's are not general practitioners...nor do i claim to be. I started this post as a rant about the SDN and now, unfortunately, realize that many CRNA's and SRNA's are guilty of the same biased. I appreciate all the posts and it has made me refocus my attenntion. Thank you Brian
  4. Brian_SRNA

    Not trying to stir up bad ideas, but......

    I think some people are taking what paindoc said out of context.....and that is not the point of these forums...he said that in indiana CRNA's are not APN's. I think many of us, including me at first, took that as a blanket statement that CRNAs are not APN's in the broader sense of the meaning.He is and only has been talking about the state of indiana...of which he is correct....I looked up the laws in indiana and CRNA's are not APN's, which in this state i feel is a good thing...there are MANY more restrictions on APN's in indiana (NP's, CNS, Midwifes) than are needed in CRNA practice. SO we can all stop the posts about everyother state out there....thank you. Brian
  5. Brian_SRNA

    Not trying to stir up bad ideas, but......

    I think we owe a round of applause to the state legislature of indiana. I just spent about 20 minutes looking over the Indiana state code and it is fascinating.....and in response to "We have more specific.....CRNA's have the option of going back to school for 2 years if they really want to be treated as APN's." Here are a few direct quotes from the state law IC (Indiana Code) IC 25-23-1-1 Definitions Sec. 1. As used in this chapter: (a) "Board" means the Indiana state board of nursing. (b) "Advanced practice nurse" means: (1) a nurse practitioner; (2) a nurse midwife; or (3) a clinical nurse specialist; who is a registered nurse qualified to practice nursing in a specialty role based upon the additional knowledge and skill gained through a formal organized program of study and clinical experience, or the equivalent as determined by the board, which does not limit but extends or expands the function of the nurse which may be initiated by the client or provider in settings that shall include hospital outpatient clinics and health maintenance organizations. IC 25-23-1-19.4 Advanced practice nurses; collaboration with licensed practitioner Sec. 19.4. (a) As used in this section, "practitioner" has the meaning set forth in IC 16-42-19-5. However, the term does not include the following: (1) A veterinarian. (2) An advanced practice nurse. (b) An advanced practice nurse shall operate in collaboration with a licensed practitioner as evidenced by a practice agreement, or by privileges granted by the governing board of a hospital licensed under IC 16-21 with the advice of the medical staff of the hospital that sets forth the manner in which an advanced practice nurse and a licensed practitioner will cooperate, coordinate, and consult with each other in the provision of health care to their patients. As added by P.L.185-1993, SEC.7. From my understanding the APN MUST be in collaboration with a physician in order to be able to practice....hmmm lets look at the rules for CRNA's, in the State Code IC 25-23-1-1.4 "Certified registered nurse anesthetist" defined Sec. 1.4. As used in this chapter, "certified registered nurse anesthetist" means a registered nurse who: (1) is a graduate of a nurse anesthesia educational program accredited by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (referred to as the "AANA" in this chapter) Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs or its predecessor; (2) is properly certified by successfully completing the certification examination administered by the AANA's Council on Certification of Nurse Anesthetists or its predecessor; and (3) is properly certified and in compliance with criteria for biennial recertification, as defined by the AANA Council on Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists. As added by P.L.185-1993, SEC.3. And on the issue of "forced collaboration" or "under medical Direction" the next one is the kicker. (4) Requires that a: (A) licensed physician with specialized training or experience in the administration of an anesthetic; supervise the administration of or (B) certified registered nurse anesthetist (as defined in IC 25-23-1-1.4 ); administer the anesthetic to a patient and remain present in the facility during the surgical procedure, except when only a local infiltration anesthetic is administered. Looks like they took out the MDA requirement for supervision. I think this looks good for our profession. and maybe we shouldn't be considered APN's, I dont know. It looks like CRNA's are looked differently, higher?, in indiana, I dont know. But please, especially anyone out there reading this verrry long post as a student...do not get the idea that this profession is about being the boss...its about being a team player...and if you can't agree with that...than maybe this isn't the right job. Sorry for being long winded. wheeew Brian
  6. Brian_SRNA

    Not trying to stir up bad ideas, but......

    I am very curious what state this is too.....hmmm, with a name paindoc I guess what profession he might be in. Please let us know what state and where we can find the "legislature that says CRNA's dont have enough training to..." Brian
  7. Brian_SRNA

    Not trying to stir up bad ideas, but......

    I totally agree, although some might beleive that the actuall role is mid-level, APN's serve as "direct providers", providing direct, usually untethered care...again...it must be noted that no practitioner of healthcare...be it a doctor, chiropractor, dentist, surgeon, anesthetist or FNP is perfect...the whole BALANCE of healthcare depends on COLLABORATION...anyone that thinks he is above that (with the exception of Dr. Gregory House) is a danger to their profession, and my health. "Independent" practice is kind of a misrepresentation, I like "unobstructed" better. And I think that APN which every nurse( or almost every MSN nurse is, based on state law), is what we are first.....we are all Advanced Practice Nurses first, then we are CRNA's, FNP, CNS, Midwives etc. Just think of a football team. Ask a player what he does he says "I play football" usually, not I am a running back. They realize very well(most of them) that it takes collaboration (teamwork) to achieve there common goal. SO my rambling is now done. GO TEAM Brian
  8. Brian_SRNA

    Health Insurance for Students

    I know....that 10K premium got me a 2K family deductible, and 70-30 after that...it really sucked. Now I have a 750 deductible and 80/20 withalot more being covered. God Bless UT- Go Vols Brian
  9. Trying to stay away from the SDN is like the forbidden fruit. And I know i am stupid for even caring....but i do. My program starts is 2 months...I have worked for years to get to this point and for some reason it is getting under my nerves. I know that this battle has been going on for years, and that it will continue, but the arrogance of many of the MDA (attendings mind you) is scary. I almost laugh at some of the crap they say. But I guess I just needed reassurance (I know it sounds stupid), but I have sacrificed and taken out loans for the program...I have always, and will always continue to love this profession, as I grow with it. But I am really curious where everyone (Practicing CRNA's specifically) see this going as it relates to CRNA's ability to freely practice. Brian
  10. Brian_SRNA

    an interesting and somewhat ignorant article title

    ANd it has been documented by many outside sources that the MDA has moved away from the bedside in many cases and is doing more managerial supervisory role, while the CRNA is at the bedside, "adminsitering at least 2/3 of the anesthetics in the US." Can't argue with facts. Sorry....
  11. Brian_SRNA

    Stafford loans

    Yes....and they actually offer you more money for grad school 18,500 a yr...as long as you have not defaulted....and youhave not reached your maximum. The max is like 100K so you probably have some to go. Best of luck
  12. Brian_SRNA

    Erlanger anyone?

    I did not interview at UT chattanooga/Erlanger but i did interview at UT knoxville, and it was a panel interview, with 5 interviewers, alot of personality type questions, not too many (or any) technical nursing questions. But this was in knoxville, just thought it might help Brian
  13. Brian_SRNA

    PBL curriculum

    What is a PBL curriculum, I have heard of CBL (Computer Based Learning). Are they the same. Brian
  14. Brian_SRNA

    Everyone and their dog

    I totally agree...at least half of the new grads this year said they were gonna go to CRNA school...and most were delighted when i got accepted. I think because they now could pummel me with questions! I too wish it was still "the best kept secret in healthcare". I have a copy on my comp and playit when i need some motivation. And for anyone interested in CRNA school that doesn't know what we are talking about....start researching, youneed to study everything about this profession before you decide p pursue it. Just my two cents. Brian
  15. Brian_SRNA

    Health Insurance for Students

    My school, UT knoxville has pretty good coverage for 5K a year...i know that may look like alot,but i was paying 10k a year through work, and now i have better insurance.keep your head up and keep looking Brian
  16. Brian_SRNA

    Reasons NOT to be CRNA

    ALOT more goes into picking a canidate for CRNA school than just GPA...trust me! Do your best...take some classes to boost your GPA, and really do well on your GRE's. Also, as a side note, schools love to see you accomplish some intro grad classes to see if you can handle graduate work. Best of luck. TraumaRus, I like your point about being a NURSE, not just a specialized nurse. Brian