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  1. TexasGas

    Does undergraduate prestige matter for CRNA?

    as long as the school you attended is NLN certified, you will have no adavntage or disadvantage regarding the school you received your degree from. I would think that in the cases where a school has both a Nursing program AND a CRNA school, they may notice people that hold RN degrees from their own school, but otherwise, no difference.
  2. TexasGas

    CRNA's and pain mgt techniques/pain clinics

    I suggest you update your knowledge of how aggressive CRNA schhols, at least the ones I am in contact with, are about the pursuit of training in pain management. More and more fluro labs along with practice are popping up to train CRNAs to perform pain management.
  3. TexasGas

    Changes to the Certifying Exam

    Good info.
  4. TexasGas

    Interview at TWU next week. Any pointer

    Relax, relax, relax. You have been invited to the interview, becasue they ALREADY view you as a potential student. You are going to the interview to "close" the deal. Review your CCRN materials, which I'm certain you have. If you do not know an answer, it is okay to say you don't, and you should make an effort to display you ability to reason through a small problem... most likely nothing you haven't seen or heard of before. Smile, be happy to be there. Good luck.
  5. TexasGas

    respiratory therapists becoming CRNAs????

    The former RTs in our program (they also became RNs) are excellent students.
  6. TexasGas

    Is CRNA a solid career?

    I think Phish was simply stating a realistic timeline. Regardless of one's perception of intensive study, time is here and gone. If time si an issue for some, I'd listen to the poster's accounted experience. I don't think for one second he was comparing med school didactics versus CRNA-Nursing school.
  7. I 'm in CRNA school. I have an ADN. Already had a BS in Zoology/Chemistry. Never got a BSN. Goffered 4 interviews, but only went to one, the one I wanted. Do not waste your time. Most, not all, will accept you with ADN & BS in a life science. I know all of the Texas schools do.
  8. TexasGas

    Is CRNA a solid career?

    To add to "Phish's" comments, Last year, CRNAs performed almost 70% of ALL anesthesia. By the year 2014, 35% of the current CRNA workforce has declared they will retire. Medicare currenlty reimburses CRNAs the same amount that they do Anesthesiologists. (it should continue) The %age of succesful to sentinel events of MDs vs CRNAs is virtually identical (other words, CRNAs have the same safety record as docs) I will recommend that you should never begin CRNA school until you are able to say that you don't need the comfort of always having someone to fall back on. You should take that desire for autonomy, learn as much as possible to protect your patients, work as a team, and be willing to accept responsibility for EVERYTHING you do. CRNAs do not use Anesthesiologists as a crutch.
  9. TexasGas

    Work during school?

    i have to seriously disagree with some statements made in this post. what you will be learning in crna school will not give you any opportunity to gain "hands on experience" while picking up shifts. you've already worked as a unit nurse. that is not what crna school is about, nor will the texas bne or your school allow you to practice any anesthesia of any kind while not in the clinical residency setting. the writer of the above post comments on working 20hrs/week during school... that had to be rn school. that would be virtually impossible to log 20 hrs, on top of the 65 or so you will have dedicated to class and study. i was in your shoes a year ago, and i wondered if i should still hang on to prn work. i opted for the loans instead. i think i may have been able to slip in a shift or two per month, but that time has been invaluable to me to spend with family. i am glad there was not yet another time constraint placed upon me, for school has demanded much of me and of my family. i am still "listed" as prn for my last hospital but i have yet to work a shift since i started school. it is certainly for each person to decide, but let me recommend, that if you think you may need loans, get them before you stop working! your first year of loans are much easier to obtain if you are employed. for the next year, you use your spouse as a co-signer. the next year, you graduate.
  10. TexasGas

    Don't Listen to alarmist

    Well said, couldn't agree more. And although it does require a tremendous time commitment, my wife and I still eat dinner at least 4 times/week (I'm in right now.) Good luck, and stay caught up. That is all you need to do.
  11. TexasGas

    Choosing a CRNA program.

    No UTRN, it wasn't directed at you. But I am well resided to the fact that most schools find one's desire to become a CRNA more appealing than placing all of one's eggs in same basket (i.e. only applying to one school). The ultimate goal should be to become a CRNA, not to only get into school of choice (barring inability to move to another region). Its hard to also believe that you chose not to give TWU or UT-Houston a chance based on current issues or clinical sites, types of cases (which minimum requirement is established by COA), or better yet meeting with program directors of these programs made you rule them out. To the OP, you should never rule out schools without investigating. Most schools have a nice array of clinical sites, all of which are different, and many may share the same hospitals (ex TWU/TCU). I again believe that if your true desire is to become a CRNA, never rule out a possibility.
  12. TexasGas

    Choosing a CRNA program.

    Geographically, you mention TCU and Baylor but not the corresponding schools that are in those same towns, such as TWU in Ft. Worth or UT in Houston. (That's where TCU and Baylor are respectively.) If you don't know what to choose, why have you eliminated schools that you know nothing about? If you are truly intersted in becoming a CRNA, you need to resign to the fact that each school is accredited by the COA. Beyond that, you can simply compare pass rates on first time test taking, number of perfect scores, how long the program has been in business, etc... Forgive me, but it just seems strange to com eto this board, ask for advice on schools, after eliminating schools that are in the same town you are willing to go to, of which you may know nothing about. (If you didn't realize that these schools were in the same town, my apologies.)
  13. TexasGas

    ICU(as ADN) for CRNA?

    I'm an ADN in a CRNA program. I had a life science BS before I went to ADN. I would highly recommend that you do exactly what you are doing and once you put in a full year of full-time ICU, you are ready to go if you feel competent and confident. There is one of my classmates (that I know of) that completed her BSN 3 months before school started, but had been accepted while and ADN. Her enrollment was contingent upon her completing her BSN before school started, and she did it.
  14. TexasGas

    Pursuing CRNA as a minority

    First, I have an ADN and a BS in related science and I am in CRNA school in Ft. Worth (TWU). We have people of all races, and every on eof us works very hard to learn the material. But the one thing I can tell you is that it doesn't matter what race you are. I am white, but I've been told for years how hard things are and that I should just stop wasting my time since things are so hard. if I listened everytime somebody said that to me, I would still be working at Tom Thumb Supermarkets.
  15. I have an ADN and BS in science related field, I am also in CRNA school at Texas Wesleyan in Ft. Worth. All four of the schools in Texas (the only ones I looked at) accepted ADN with BS in science, I was accepted to 2 of them. It is up to each individual program, regardless if they also feature a nursing school or if they are stand alone. I was accepted to TCU and TWU, and TCU has their own nursing school where TWU doesn't. Good luck, and I recommend not wasting your time with the BSN, I was in your shoes 5 years ago. You will save yourself from mounds of paperwork on Nursing theory if you go the ADN route.
  16. TexasGas

    Can you get in with a "C"

    Yup, no worries. Keep doing the best you can, learn all you can.... and you can get in.