what is the cost to become an NP when you already have your BSN?

  1. I'm currently doing my BSN and is not that bad, I was wonder how hard and how much is to become an NP... I'm currently working in a post surgical floor learning so much and working my tail off since is a fast fast floor.... do you guys have any idea how much will be the cost for NP and how hard it is....
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  3. by   Palliative Care, DNP
    Completely depends on the program you choose to attend....Look up programs you are interested in and then tuition/fees.
  4. by   SopranoKris
    There are programs that charge less than $300 per credit hour. There are programs that can be up to $2000 per credit hour. Just depends on the school. You'll need to research schools you're interested in to determine the tuition cost. Don't forget to add in all the fees associated, which can be quite hefty. I've found some of the schools with lower tuition rates have higher fees, which puts the overall cost on par with other programs that charge more for tuition.
  5. by   MikeFNPC
    I think mine was around 25k for tuition and books only.
  6. by   Julius Seizure
    NP programs vary so much. There are also other things to consider:

    Depending on which specialty you choose, some are offered at tons of schools and others are offered by just few dozen schools.

    You may want a traditional classroom experience, or might feel okay with online or blended/hybrid programs.

    Many programs are part time, but some are full time.

    Some offer an MSN, but an increasing number of schools now offer DNP degrees without getting the MSN first.

    Lots to consider in addition to the cost and program difficulty. What really matters - will the program prepare you to become certified and succeed as an NP?