University of Phoenix FNP program

  1. Hi I am wondering has any one gone through the online Family Nurse Practitioner program at University of Phoenix? How was your experience? Did you like their program? Was it really hard doing the FNP program all online? Would like to hear some feedback. Thank you!
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  3. by   Rocknurse
    I wouldn't say that I know the program intimately, but I do know of the reputation it has among my professional circle. It is firstly very expensive, and it is viewed as a diploma mill. I would imagine it would be difficult to be hired with a degree from that institution based on the conceived reputation. I personally would never attend one of those schools that advertises on the TV or who I have to sell an organ to pay for. I do know one very bright young lady that got her MSN from them (not an NP program) who then went on to get a place in anesthesia school, but she had all sorts of other impressive accomplishments which I believe they took into consideration. That's my 10c. I'm sure there will be others who disagree with me. I think you'd be better off finding a decent bricks and mortar university, or an online school with a good reputation.
  4. by   Nursegigita
    Thank you for you opinion. So what you are trying to say is that they do not have a great reputation? Or that you haven't heard great thing about that school?
  5. by   Rocknurse
    Quote from red&pink3
    Thank you for you opinion. So what you are trying to say is that they do not have a great reputation? Or that you haven't heard great thing about that school?
    As a rule, they do not have a good reputation. They are known as an online diploma mill.
  6. by   traumaRUs
    I graduated from UofP with my BSN (was an ADN for many years) and an MSN in management and leadership. Yes, its expensive - however it was very fast paced which is what I wanted at that time in my life.

    I did do my clinical post- MSNs at a local college of nursing.
    I have heard good things from the program. I have also heard that some of the other programs are not that great. The tuition is competitive with other online programs though so you may want to research that part. Good luck
  8. by   bryanleo9
    I didn't know they had an online NP program. I thought they just offered the NP program at the Sacramento, CA and Phoenix, AZ campuses.
  9. by   Nursegigita
    No they offer a FNP program online
  10. by   Dodongo
    I would NEVER consider going to this school. How could you not be embarrassed to attend the University of Phoenix? It has a terrible reputation.
  11. by   GixterRN
    UOPHX NP school. I attended the post masters' FNP certificate program in Phoenix, it was the best choice for me and felt the program had sound fundamentals. I graduated Oct 2014 and passed boards with no problem. To my knowledge and in taking the "ground program" UOPHX doesn't offer an online version of FNP or post master's certificate programs. The tuition is competitive with other schools in the area, though definitely research all schools. As far as school reputation, well anyone can say anything about a program. I have never had a problem getting a job or had any employers question the credibility of my UOPHX FNP education.
  12. by   bryanleo9
    Gixter, I sent you a PM.
  13. by   Nursegigita
    Thank you and yes they offer now the FNP program online.