Texas Tech FNP Spring 2014

  1. Just wondering if any nurses out there have submitted applications for the spring 2014 FNP program. Would like to hear any information you have gotten from admissions office on how many people they plan to accept, and how long it will take them to send out acceptance/denial letters. Lets keep in touch and keep those fingers crossed!!!
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  3. by   fuzzy911
    I applied a few times with no luck. I got my notification approx 2 months after the deadline.
  4. by   fuzzy911
    Also the past few classes they told me they take 60 students and usually have around 400 applicants. Best of luck to you
  5. by   littlebelle1293
    I started the FNP program at Tech in January 2012 and I received an acceptance e-mail October 26th, 2011. When I went to the orientation that December, the PNP, FNP, ACNP, and Nursing Education students were all in the same room, so I don't know how many FNP students alone there were, but there were about 200 of us from all tracks. Good luck!
  6. by   noodlemoore
    This is my second time applying. I received a rejection email about a week after the notifications were supposedly sent out (for Fall 2013). The email said something about budgetary cuts and the fact that I lived far from the Lubbock area. But, I figured I would try again!
  7. by   fuzzy911
    Good luck to you. I applied to them 3 times before I tried other schools. I got my BSN from them with a 3.8, thought id be a shoo in
  8. by   BritFNP
    I heard from a friend who applied, was denied, and asked what she could have done better. Admissions told her you have to have a 4.0 to get in. Thats how many applicants/how competitive it has become.
  9. by   fuzzy911
    Probably. I had a 3.8
  10. by   mgtrz
    Sounds like it i hard to get in...yikes!! I keep looking at my Merlin account and they seem to keep postponing the deadline date..hmm. Well thanks for your resposes.
  11. by   toasterboy85
    Good to see that there is some good interest with Texas Tech! My wife and I have both graduated in 2012 with our FNP. If anyone needs help feel free to ask.
  12. by   littleredviking
    I have applied and was told they will notify us at the end of October via email. It is very competitive. I was also told they only look at your gpa from your BSN nursing courses, not cumulative from all undergraduate, but Nursingcas calculates everything. Hopeful they only look at Nursing GPA because my cumulative is not great. Good luck to everyone! Has anyone applied anywhere else in Texas?? I have also applied to UTEP which has a Spring entry as well.
  13. by   AshleighRN
    We should find out if we were accepted/denied by November 1st. I also spoke with ----- and they only use Nursing GPA. Good luck to us!!
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  14. by   littleredviking
    Good luck AshleighRN!!!