Samford University FNP Fall 2013 students?

  1. I was accepted into the program, and looking around for other students who will also be in the program. I have heard awesome things about Samford, and can not wait til August to start meeting fellow students and faculty. Orientation is coming up soon, hoping to chat with a few people before and see if they know the area better. I am probably flying out, renting a car, and also a hotel room. Any info would be fantastic, or just introduce yourself.
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  3. by   canadianlove2011
    I am not in the program yet but I hope to start in January 2014! I have already applied for that semester and I can't wait to see if I got in. Congrats and good luck! How long did it take for you to get a response after applying?
  4. by   Pack RN
    I'll be there with you this Fall and can't wait to get started! I've been really impressed with everyone I've interacted with from the school so far. I researched plenty of schools, and Samford seems like a great fit...its the only school I applied to.

    I'm in North Carolina and don't know anything about Birmingham...trying to decide if I should fly or drive. I look forward to meeting you!
  5. by   bulldog2013
    Canadianlove...I did not apply until a week before the deadline due to waiting for my BSN grades to post. I have been a nurse for 3 years, but finished my ADN to BSN. They inform you rather quickly, and if you email them a question, they answer super fast.

    Pack...The drive for me is 12 hours, so I have decided to fly and rent a car. I applied to two programs, but only bc I did not know how many Samford accepted so wanted a backup. I actually know a few people who have completed this program and have nothing but awesome things to say. I look forward to meeting you too, and the rest of our class.
  6. by   apnurse06
    Hey I am also going to be there this Fall. I'm so nervous. I'm working full time and school full time...I hope it's doable! Lol. I live in Texas so I am flying as we'll. I wish I knew people who completed this program for encouragement
  7. by   bulldog2013
    hey apnurse...what part of TX are you in? I am in the Austin area
  8. by   apnurse06
    hey bulldog2013 I am in Houston
  9. by   littlebit_rn
    Hi guys! I am also starting the Fall of 2013, a little nervous but excited too! I am flying in and renting a car. Can't wait to meet everyone.
  10. by   ech044
    Hi everyone! I will see you all for orientation in August. I will be flying in from North Carolina. Anyone familiar with area hotels?? Looking forward to meeting all of you!
  11. by   ech044
    Where in NC? I am in Greensboro and am trying to decide the same thing.
  12. by   Pack RN
    I'm in Charlotte...I'm probably going to fly too. That would be a long drive home after 4 days of orientation. It looks like there are several moderately-priced hotels about a mile-ish west of campus. The Marriott Courtyard offering the student discount is in that area, I think.
  13. by   littlebit_rn
    My plan is to stay at the Courtyard, it was the best price I found at $99/night with the school discount.
  14. by   bulldog2013
    I decided to stay at the Courtyard too due to the discount through school. Plus, will be nice to stay around other students going to orientation as well.