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apnurse06 BSN, MSN, DNP, RN, APRN

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  1. apnurse06


    Hey has anyone else been accepted into University of Texas at Arlington DNP program starting this fall 2017?
  2. apnurse06

    University of Alabama (Capstone) 2015 Fall DNP

    Hey Everyone! I was thinking of applying to UA DNP program. I got my FNP from Samford in 2015. Would LOVE to go back there, but seriously...who can afford it?? anyways, how is this program going for yall?
  3. apnurse06

    Samford University FNP Fall 2013 students?

    im glad we found out the dress code. So i guess just stethoscope and ourselves.
  4. apnurse06

    Samford University FNP Fall 2013 students?

    hey bulldog2013 I am in Houston
  5. apnurse06

    Samford University FNP Fall 2013 students?

    Hey I am also going to be there this Fall. I'm so nervous. I'm working full time and school full time...I hope it's doable! Lol. I live in Texas so I am flying as we'll. I wish I knew people who completed this program for encouragement :)
  6. apnurse06

    Competitive GPA? Cumulative vs. last 60 hrs

    How did things work out for you??
  7. apnurse06

    Anyone applying to Texas tech FNP spring2013?

    hey guys! I also applied to the spring 2013 cohort. My transcripts didnt arrive til later either. But i kept stalking the advisors over FNP program and they told me do not worry because they understand how NursingCAS can be! so hopefully we all get in. she emailed me back and told me to be expecting to hear acceptance/denial emails on Merlin in the beginning of October!