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    Can anyone give me some advice on PMHNP programs? I would really like to attend college in Boston but the commute is an 1hour + 1way. My 2 children are still very young. I want to follow my dream without giving up too much. I know there are a lot of online options such as Frontier but I'm apprehensive. Is it true that employers don't respect an online degree as much as an on-campus degree? I'm afraid to go the online route only to find that I'm not as employable as my peers with on-campus degrees.
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  3. by   ALRN1908
    Employers don't respect 100% online FOR PROFIT schools such as Walden, Kaplan, University of phoenix. A lot of respectable programs have transitioned to online or hybrid programs. Frontier has an excellent program and is respected by a lot of employers and they do require some on campus attendance for skills and such.
  4. by   Drea147
    Thank you! I've gotten a few recommendations for Frontier from a few different nurses. I'm definitely going to look into it.
  5. by   Issaiah1332
    I'm attending Shenandoah University. It's very good. I've known several graduates too. I work with some and knew others personally, before and after the program. They're well prepared and as a student in the program, I can say it's very good. Lots of clinical hours, therapy emphasis, neuroscience and psychopharmacology emphasis, etc. The head of the program has a PhD in psychopharmacology and was one of the first PMHNPs in the country from my understanding.
  6. by   Issaiah1332
    We also do a lot of interdisciplinary things with pharmacy students, music therapy students, etc. We frequently have actors from the theatre department to act as mock patients, while we're observed via video, to perform therapy on.
  7. by   umbdude
    I don't think it has anything to do with online (although I agree with previous poster about for-profit schools). Consider Regis College (100% online, but you find your own preceptors) and Northeastern (partially online, guarantee clinical placements). Both are programs in MA.

    The Boston area does have quite a few well-known nursing schools offering PMHNP. Employers might be more inclined to hire from programs that they're familiar with. There are also a lot of PMHNP grads from these schools and alumni might give preference to new grads who went to the same program. If you're looking for jobs far away from Boston or you have a strong professional network, it probably won't matter as much.

    The most problematic issue with online programs is the need to find your own preceptors. You'll need to find people who can precept you for at least 500+ hours across lifespan. Many online students have an extremely challenging time with this.
  8. by   Drea147
    It is very difficult to find preceptors on your own. I'll look more into Northeastern. Thank you for the advice!
  9. by   thenurseguy88
    Just wondering if you currently work as a psych nurse, and if you needed psych experience to be admitted to your program? Thanks
  10. by   DLS1016
    Hello, thanks for the info. Just want to make sure, are you in the PMHNP program? I will be working full time and want to know if you know of anyone who works full and and attends SU full time and do finish within the 2 years? Is there a lot of group work?
  11. by   wayemika
    you could try for Drexel University online. Im going to them now and its long/stressful but its a respected school.