NP Prerequisites (pathophysiology)

  1. Hello,
    Im an RN student applying for NP program for next fall 2017, and I know a lot of students take Advanced pathophysiology as a prerequisite in the RN-NP bridge program.
    I will like to take pathophysiology this semester as we dont have any clinicals until the 2nd semester and I have some downtime because I already did microbiology that most of my peers take now.
    I guess by taking this extra class it will ease my advanced pathophysiology learning experience?
    My question is : Do BSN students have a pathophysiology class? Is there any RNs who did find going from their ASN program to advanced patho ?

    Thanks in advance,
    I really appreciate it !
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  3. by   PG2018
    I had pathophysiology in my straight path BSN program.

    If you can get electives, try for a physiology or pathophysiology in the biology department. Biochemistry maybe. Vertebrate physiology or anything close.
  4. by   vitiana
    Hello, i dont need elective because i have a non-nursing bachelor . Thanks very much, I just figured out I should take the class as I have to take advanced pathophysiology. Ii may need a college chemistry class too. In what psych field do you work please?
  5. by   verene
    Yes, BSN students take a pathophysiology course as part of their program. In my program pathophysiology is a 2-quarter sequence of coursework.

    Did you take a pathophysiology course as part of your ASN coursework?
  6. by   applesxoranges
    Our MSN had a patho and pharmacology class for all of the MSN programs
  7. by   vitiana
    Hello Verene , I started the RN program this fall 2016.Pathophysiology is not part of my curriculum. I'm taking now because I had one course less to take ( I took microbiology prior to my LPN school) so while my peers are taking microbiology I tought I will kept myself busy taking Pathophysiology at a community college.
    So it will be easier for me to register for advanced Pathophysiology post graduation. We also don't have clinicals this semester so I'm doing my best to have the max done in a short amount of time
  8. by   vitiana
    Hello Applexoranges , I have mostly seen advanced Pago and advanced pharmacology in most MSN programs. I have a non nursing Bachelor. So I tought it will be wise to take Pathophysiology while in ASN school and bridge to MSN and take the advanced course. It's a little bit overwhelming but I will survive.
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  10. by   ENNY
    Hello is anyone looking into getting into Olivet Nazarene for the ABSN program for 2018? I am stuck between going to chamberlain or Olivet Nazarene University. Do one need to have all the prerequisites done in the school like chamberlain or you need to finish it before getting admitted into the school.? Thanks.