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xuale01 has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Respiratory.

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  1. I just passed my NCLEX (compact state). I get an offer in Indiana and applied for endorsement. If anyone has experience in this endorsement process, please kindly help me about the schedule of this endorsement process. I called Indiana Board of Nursing. He had nothing to say. I applied for endorsement online and sent my fingerprint card to Identogo. Then I need to wait until Feb 12 (Tuesday) and called Identogo for the process status. According to Indiana state board of Nursing website, I may apply for a temporary license. Did anyone know how long it took in your experience? And if you did not apply for a temporary license, how long did you wait to get your Indiana license approved? Thank you!
  2. xuale01

    What does your username mean?

    Mine is just my name.
  3. I just passed my NCLEX and I get this offer in Indiana state. When I apply for endorsement, the Indiana board of nursing website mentioned that a temporary certificate can be applied after Criminal Background Check. I called Indiana Board of Nursing. He said there is no estimated time schedule about when the endorsement or temporary certificate will be issued. I heard that endorsement to New York can take as long as 3 months. Because I need to arrange my rent and other issues, I need to know an estimated time for this. I will be very much appreciated if someone has similar experience would share the experience. Thank you in advance.
  4. xuale01

    Raising minimum wage ..RN Salaries increase?

    200K / (36*25*52) = 4.27 years It takes 4 years to save the money without eating, paying rent, and any other cost to pay the student loan in the nursing school. That is disastrous!
  5. xuale01

    question about RN market and demand

    We all talk about evidence-based practice while using research paper. But when that HRSA's numbers don't make sense, I know which article that I might want to ignore.
  6. xuale01

    question about RN market and demand

    I read the report from your attached link. I am not a research expert, but I notice some questionable parts of the essay. 1. As LovingLife123 said, I agree with her, the metro city has saturated nurse market, while rural area has more demand than supply. It is simple and easy understanding because it is the fact that more people want to go to rich area and have their life. But look at the data in the report, California and Massachusetts (high salary state) have shortage, while Maine (where I am at; I see nurses moving away from Maine. Few want to stay) has large surplus. It seems not logical. 2. At the remark of the table, it states, "Notes: The model assumes increased insurance coverage associated with Medicaid expansion and insurance marketplaces, together with year 2014 health care use and delivery patterns. Numbers may not sum to totals due to rounding. a The projections assume that each state's supply and demand are equal in 2014. " I am not sure about this research has considered Medicaid future development or not. But mathematically, if the researcher "assume" 2014 supply and demand are equal, that table already has bias results. The researcher did not have evidences about the 2014 equal supply and demand. We should not use the 2030 result because it is based on assumption.
  7. Hi Alyxandre, I am glad to know that you have entered the program and waiting for the interview. I saw some news from facebook says US army expands the recruitment for healthcare providers, include nurses. By the way, do you see any restriction for the airforce program you join? Such as gender, age, race, green card requirement, or language?
  8. xuale01

    question about RN market and demand

    According to Bureau of Labor, the projected percent change in employment from 2016 to 2026. The average growth rate for all occupations is 7 percent. If this plus baby boomer retiring RN within 3 years, BOL estimates that there is about 20% of shortage between RN supplies and demands. My question is: according to such high RN demand market, why did some members say, "there are many RN waiting to be hire". If the market is that big as BOL states (according to the demand and market theory), hospitals should hire as many RN as possible to expand their order income and increase their profit. What are the reasons for the hospitals to keep relative high standards to keep some RN out of market (according some members, some RNs are not hired)? Is there anyone who have HR background or related sources to clarify this paradox? Thank you.
  9. xuale01

    Is Nursing A Competitive Profession?

    I am continuously told by many experienced nurses that there is big big demand of nurse job market, especially there will be a large amount of nurses who will retired within the next few years. But I also heard from new grad students mentioning about the job finding difficulties. Probably few hospital want to hire new grad nurses....
  10. xuale01

    Is Nursing A Competitive Profession?

    Hi LovingPads, What are the Coveted positions? would you mind to elaborated more? Thank you.
  11. xuale01

    International Educated Nurse

    Hi Pasha, I am also interested in knowing your further development. Please kindly share or PM me your progress in Alberta or Canada.
  12. xuale01

    Molloy accelerated BSN 2018 applications

    Hi Themotherofdragons I hope that your application will be selected. Given the GPA you have, it should be fine. Please come back and share your happiness once you receive your acceptance letter.
  13. I am interested in your nursing working experience while you are studying BSN in USA. Were you working as CNA or RN?
  14. xuale01

    Raising minimum wage ..RN Salaries increase?

    It is so expensive to have the nursing BSN education is US compare to the salary. One should work for several thousand hours to pay for the tuition fee.
  15. xuale01

    German Nurse in Florida

    Hi schwester23, I hope that went well for you. I am taking NCLEX next year. Please share your further development and the process of application. I would love to hear from you soon.
  16. xuale01

    Is the Kaplan study program worth it

    I am in a nursing school, which using kaplan for the exam. Some of those seniors who got 98% pass rate during Jun told me that most part of the kaplan questions are similar to neclex while there are only few questions are completely new to them. I hope this is helpful for you.

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