NP Approval vs Accredidation

  1. I have read numerous threads here and cannot find my answer. Before the sarcasm and insults start...please direct me to the thread if it is already there. I am looking at online NP programs and most of them say to check with your state to see if they are approved. I am in VA/MD. Neither BON websites list any approved programs. Are we supposed to email them each and every program to see if they are approved? Seems outdated and an archaic way of doing things. Regardless, maybe one of you know from experience.

    Is Univ. of Southern Alabama, Maryville or Walden accepted in VA or MD?

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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    I'm not sure why you expected to get sarcasm and insults.......

    That said, sometimes you have to dig a little deeper into the regulations. Some states have requirements that online faculty be licensed in the state where the students are for example.

    You might ask the school for names of alums in the state you are looking at as well.
  4. by   elkpark
    Within the last several years, as part of clamping down on the cheesy, low-quality for-profit online schools that have been ripping off students, the Federal government has started requiring states to verify that online schools offering education to their residents meet the same requirements that B&M schools within the state are required to meet. As is usual with Federal regulations, some states have come into compliance with this quicker than other states (but eventually all states will have to be in compliance). A lot of nursing students have run into trouble with this, although it is a general education requirement and has nothing specifically to do with nursing or the BON.

    OP, you should probably check your state Dept. of Education or state university system website and look for (or contact them and ask about) a list of the online schools that have been approved to operate in the state (enroll state residents).
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    It depends on your state. Our state's BON simply states that it does not regulate the schools. Therefore, you simply choose an accredited program and show you've completed the degree and have obtained board certification.

    University of South Alabama can take students from any state, except South Dakota & New York. Not sure about Maryville or Walden.