Loyola New Orleans DNP Summer/Fall 2013 - page 3

Has anyone applied to or has already been granted admission to Loyola BSN-DNP starting this summer/fall?If you are waiting on acceptance how long have you been waiting? If you are already accepted... Read More

  1. by   Born_2BRN
    dnt, have you had an interview yet? I am still waiting but I'm gonna email them today to see when I should be expected. I know they said 2-3 wrks.
  2. by   motherofhen
    Can anyone who has already started the program tell me a little bit about the classes/curriculum? I'm a little nervous that the program is full time only- makes things hard for someone like me who carries the insurance for the family. It's making me anxious!! I'm also curious about funding.... Have those of you who have been admitted been able to take advantage of grants and all that?
  3. by   Palliative Care, DNP
    Some people do have scholarships but I don't know about grants. I'm taking loans for the whole thing. We have many people that work full time and do this program. It is very difficult but they are grinning and bearing it. You have to decide how much you want it if you are in that position. I only work prn. The program recommends not working at all. Like every other program some classes are easy like Family Theory, some are hard like Pathophysiology or Pharmacotherapeutics, and some just time consuming like Theory or research.
  4. by   motherofhen
    Thanks for the information! I really need to put it out of my mind but its hard!
  5. by   Layna22
    I haven't started, but I'm assuming you can spread it out as long as its completed in 5 years, but I may be wrong. Probably the classes will have to be taken as listed, but the practicums will be when you can schedule them yourselves.

    I plan on working FT, I work night shift on a Pediatric Neuro ICU. But we will see how it goes, but I guarantee I will keep working FT in some way another, whether switching back to my normal floor with is a Pediatric Neuro unit (not ICU) but step-down, switching to days, or moving to weekends or something.

    But... Time will tell.

    I have applied for a bunch of scholarships ... Can't find grants, so some suggestions would be great. Soooo, I guess loans are what it will be.
  6. by   motherofhen
    I will have to work full time as long as possible- if I get in it will be a major balancing act. But it should be worth it!! I realize every day on my unit that I need a change. One week of waiting almost down, another or so to go!
  7. by   Born_2BRN
    Question all! When they contacted you for interview did they contact you via email or phone call? It's going on two weeks and I haven't heard anything back yet. They told me it will be late last week or this week I will hear back when to interview. Just curious that's all.
  8. by   dnt8178
    I was contacted via email from the faculty member conducting my interview. She posted some available days that she would be doing interviews and asked us to respond to which day worked best for us. I had my interview yesterday...now just waiting to hear on the decision of acceptance.
  9. by   Born_2BRN
    How did the interview go? How long did it take you? Is it true they ask you questions mentioned above about why you chose to pursue this degree path? The wait is killing me! Lol!
  10. by   motherofhen
    I emailed my information February 11th and heard from the faculty member on February 28th. My interview was on the 3rd and I am going crazy checking my email. Can barely concentrate on my last class for my BSN!
  11. by   dnt8178
    The interview went well (in my opinion). It lasted about 20mins and she just asked me some basic questions like why did I choose this school, what I want to do with my degree, what did I think about the role of an FNP? Easy questions but nothing to really prepare for. She said the faculty has a meeting after all the interviews to submit their recommendations and it is there that decisions will b made. She did say she was not certain if the notice came in the mail only or if we would receive an email and a letter. So I guess I will continue to ruin my manicure while I wait for their response(about to pick up my old bad habit of nail biting ...hoping i will have enough fingerprints left to sign my except acceptance paperwork)
  12. by   Layna22
    I am anxious to get the information about school itself. I am so in the dark about all of this it's driving me crazy. Hopefully when all of the "regular admission" as opposed to "early admission" students get accepted then they will send information out about what to do next.
  13. by   Born_2BRN
    Congrats to all! I do hope I'm able to join after interview. It takes longer than I thought but I will continue to wait--patiently!