How far ahead of graduation can one start ?

  1. Hi
    I am an FNP student and am due to graduate in December. I wanted to know what, if anything,I can do to streamline the process of taking a certification exam (not sure which one but most likely the AANP).

    Also, our school is woefully short on not doing things until the last minute, so i thought i would start asking around.

    The AANP bulletin states that as long as our course work is 'up to date' and we have completed atleast 500 clinical hours we may sit for the test.

    Is it possible to sit for the test before completion of the MSN ?
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  3. by   sasini01
    I only know about ANCC, but they require your school to send them confirmation paperwork and official transcript with degree posted on it.
  4. by   NJprisonrn
    I took the AANP. I tested 2 weeks after graduation. I don't think you can test before you finish the program, but you can send them preliminary transcripts to get the ball rolling. You'll have to send them official degree confirmed transcripts after you graduate. Once you get the email from them that you can test, email the testing center for your ATT. I don't know how ANCC works, but AANP seems to be a well run organization.
  5. by   anh06005
    I am also due to graduate in December and I believe AANP lets you begin on your paperwork 6 months ahead of time. I am planning on getting what I can turned in in August between my summer and fall semesters. I always work ahead of time if I can! I am not sure what all you can actually COMPLETE before graduation and I have only glanced over the application.....but I know you can at least start on it early! Don't remember reading about testing early.
  6. by   BostonFNP
    You won't be able to sit for the exam until your school sends a final transcript.

    The process of getting authorized to test takes a bit of time but really that time can be used taking a review course and relaxing a bit after graduation. And it's much shorter than the time it takes to get licensed, prescriptive authority, and credentialed.