1. Hello to all! I was recently accepted to GU and Simmons. I live in NC and will be doing online FNP. Anyone suggest GU over Simmons or vice versa? I am having a hard time making a decision. It looks as though the pass rate is better at GU, however, the cost of going there is about 30k more. HELP!! TIA!!!
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  3. by   Cococure
    Whichever one does clinical placement and has a sound curriculum with less fluff classes.
  4. by   Cahoon BSN RN
    Can't really comment on Simmons, but the program at Georgetown is fantastic. I have several friends who are currently in it. On in the FNP, and the other in the WHNP/CNM program. The classes are online, but you must be present at at the designated time. They are real time, online. You can ask questions live and the professors are very good. You can re-watch the lectures if you need to as well. If Simmons is different you may want to see which fits your schedule better. Congrats on your acceptance.
  5. by   umbdude
    Quote from Cahoon BSN RN
    The classes are online, but you must be present at at the designated time. They are real time, online. You can ask questions live and the professors are very good. You can re-watch the lectures if you need to as well.
    ^^ this. This really should be the standard delivery method for all online NP programs.
  6. by   futureprovider
    I am in the same boat as you ! I know an FNP who completed the GU program last year and he told me it was absolutely awful. His claims were there was no support and he would have to wait for preceptors or it would take extended time to finish clinic hours because he was literally fighting for hours with other FNP students they had placed with the same preceptor. However he stated the classes were easy and straight forward! Despite that I applied to GU anyway(lol) since they accept pretty much anyone! It was my backup ! I ended up also applying to Simmons because it seemed easy to get into as well and it was waaaaaay cheaper ! I think if I end of going with one of these programs I'd choose Simmons because its cheaper and my friend absolutely hated Georgetown ! Good luck !!
  7. by   FNP2019
    Seriously? Classes at Georgetown EASY? I have to question whether your friend really did the GU program (I have heard people say GW was easy- and people almost always mix those two up). Also, Georgetown has a strict policy of not placing students with the same preceptor (I've only heard of it done by student request, but who knows, maybe it happened once or twice). I am in the FNP program right now and it is the absolutely most rigorous program I have ever done! (I daresay I am no dummy- I'm actually very good at school, with two bachelors degrees and a Masters from a top-tier Southern Ivy).

    To OP- Georgetown has been excellent. I'm finishing up my second semester. Professors are overall quite good- very knowledgeable in their topic. On campus intensive was EXCELLENT. My only gripe would be clinical placement- it is especially hard in cities... but that is pretty much true everywhere, even Brick and Mortar programs. Best bet is to go wherever you want (Georgetown, Simmons, probably doesn't matter) and network like crazy to secure connections at different sites. Advantage to that is you miss out on the crappy placements because you can vet the sites ahead of time for providers you like, distance from home, places you want to work, etc.
  8. by   futureprovider
    Hi FNP2019,

    The program may not seem as rigorous to my friend because he did do the same program as me for RN. We went to a rigorous program top ranking program. A lot of the classes taken at Georgetown were similar to our classes he stated in materials and format. Our classes weren't easy. He might have meant it was easy for him vs most/other students for example you, since he's been through similar courses before ! I didn't mean to offend you or the program! After all, I applied also and was accepted and I'm still deciding whether to go there or not ! He definitely did the Nursing@Georgetown FNP program where he was assigned to a preceptor who had multiple students where he had to struggle to get hours because of other students using this person as a preceptor as well. He claimed the school didn't really do much to help him in that situation. He was also in a major city on the West Coast. It sounds like they accept too many students but don't have the proper resources for them vs them being malicious and just not helping/caring. He graduated in 2017 so maybe things are better now ! Also I know no one who did the GW program (George Washington?) so I can't attest to that.

    OP everyone's experience is different with the Georgetown program which is why I still applied despite my friend's warnings. But I haven't heard anyone respond from Simmons yet. I think whatever decision you make will be the right one for you!
  9. by   FNP2019
    Hi Future Provider,

    I totally get what you're saying. I think that recent grad vs not-so-recent grads have very different experiences MSN programs (regardless of the school). Having graduated 10 years ago with my BSN, I can say... yep- the material is pretty much new to me! Though I have used it extensively in practical application, it is an altogether different thing to be tested on it. And I see many of my extremely talented and experienced classmates facing the same dilemma. So don't be hard on yourself if you find yourself (now a few years out of school, I assume?) having a harder time than some of your classmates who went back sooner.

    To both you and the OP, best of luck in figuring out which program you want to do. Truth is, it is 100% dependent on your own work ethic. Bust your butt in school and you'll be fine when you graduate.