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Hello everyone So I took the AANP in March 2011 after taking the Fitz course, and failed (personally I didn't think I was ready), but I thought I would try. Then I purchased the Barkley Assoc CD... Read More

  1. by   Lovanurse
    This website is a great resource for the ANCC or AANP exam! The questions were so similar to the exam, it was scary. If you decide to buy the questions, buy all of them instead of one at a time (like I did) because it costs alot more money. it is well worth the $112! - Login
  2. by   Tinabeanrn
    Aslingtl, post a thread that you are selling them on here. I know its been a rough road. I'm struggling trying to make ends meet and borrowing $$ like crazy. And I'm not even In your same boat. I passed way back in May. and it has taken me this long to start working. but the huge gap is really taken a toll on my life. my student loans will be due momentarily. so believe me I understand your pain. it will get better for both of us. We just gotta keep your head up . you and your family are in my prayers please keep me and my family in yours .
  3. by   helloluvkittie
    I'm taking the Adult AANP in 1 week...I've done Fitzgerald's CDs and review book, as well as Leik's review book. Has anyone taken the Adult AANP exam recently and can help narrow in on specific areas that were on your test???
    I'm aware that every test is different, but it might put me at ease to review specifics before next week.
  4. by   MLGDNP12
    Hi mbrady,

    I failed the ANCC in June and took it again on 9/10/12 and passed. I also took the AANP on 8/27/12 and passed. I took both because since I failed in June I was afraid that I would fail again so I created a back up plan. It is best to study using the online resource that I used. Its called A friend of mine recommended it and it became a staple in my studying. Its mock exams online that are timed. you can buy them in bundles specifically for AANP or ANCC. You can also use a discount code for 10% off the price of the practice exams. It is SAVE-SLLT. I also used and recommend the Marye Kellerman's Necessary Np book because it had LOTS of the ethical, theory and Np role. You can only buy it from her website though. I hope that this helps...I know it helped me greatly.
  5. by   MLGDNP12
    Aslingtl, I will be lifting you up in prayer. Your post really touched my heart and I know exactly how you feel because I felt that way in June. Just know that you are not a failure and God has not bought you this far to let you go now.
  6. by   MLGDNP12
    Quote from kourt2213
    I just took that AANP FNP exam yesterday and did not pass. As with most comments on here, I was devastated. I really felt like I was prepared for the test, and obviously I was not! I felt like i didn't know the answer to over half the questions. But i always did really well on practice tests. I did the Fitzgerald review course and had no doubts that I knew all the information. If anyone has tips on what I can do to better prepare I would really appreciate it!

    So sorry to hear that you didn't pass. I too had the same happen to me with the ANCC during the summer then I took it again last week and passed as well as I took the AANP and passed. I studied from Fitzgerald (and took her course and have her cds), Leiks, Hollier, Kellerman and a website which has data base full of questions that you can buy in bundles. My friend/classmate recommended this site and I love her for it and have to share it with others who are in the same position that I was in. She gave me a coupon code to use to save 10% save-sllt. I have to say that I couldn't have passed without and I want everyone to know about it. Spread the word and you will do wonderfully next time. Give your self plenty of time to study...write down the rationales to questions that you got wrong in a note & review them. I even recorded myself reading the rationales so I can listen while exercising. You just have to figure out what works for you.
  7. by   aslingtl
    Well, I should be able to reschedule my exam at the end of this month...... I am feeling good about it. last time I got a 344 out of 350. I am so close and I have brushed up on some things and feel like I am going to to pass it this time with the lords help. I can do this! I will post back on here when it gets closer. Thanks for everyones prayers. It mean a lot!
  8. by   Jane33 RN
    I pray that you will pass! I trust and believe God for you. Stay positive and trust the Lord and you will pass that test!
  9. by   aslingtl
    I just re-read my previous post. I reexamine at the end of October not September but either way I feel good about it.
  10. by   cc113
    I took my aanp exam yesterday and I failed it. I was in tears. I studied day after day and put in so many hours. I thought the test was quite hard and many questions I did not know the answer to at all. I have trouble looking at the questions and answering them without reading into them-the worst part is I know I do this, but I can't stop. I want to re-test as soon as possible, but I am looking for advise on materials that will be most helpful to me. I have used Fitzgerald lectures and study guide, APEA online tests and Holliers lectures and Leiks book with questions. I think Leiks book has questions that are the most similar to the ones I had on my AANP test, but there are many errors in the book that I am afraid to study from this in case I remember stuff incorrectly! I'm so worried to take this test again because I know I have to pass it or I will have to wait another year before I will be allowed to retake it. I don't want to attempt the ANCC test because of the theory questions. A few of my friends have taken the AANP test and passed and while I am so happy for them I feel so stupid
  11. by   Tinabeanrn
    cc113, you will get it next time. what I did is cover the questions with my hand, and anticipate the answer after reading the question. If you see your answer, dont pick something else. The study material you have is really effective. I found studying material was better than studying questions. Yes you need to know the strategies, but if you know the material, it wont matter what question is presented. Study all the stuff you didnt know from the first test. Get a study partner.

    Question, why did you say that if you dont pass it the second time that it would take a year to take it again? Is that some rule or something? Idk, I only took it once.

    Good luck to you on the next one. Dont feel stupid. It happens. You are not the first and you will not be the last.
  12. by   lirpaloof77
    Hi there,
    Anyone feel like selling their Hollier (2009) Adult and Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Questions, book. It just recently went out of print as the 2013 version will be released Jan 1, 2013. My current instructor tests right out of that book and I don't have a copy I called APEA and they said that they will no longer make it It's a 50.00 book and I'd be happy to pay new price for a used book.
    Thank you SO much!!
  13. by   cc113
    Tinabeanrn--thanks for your encouragement . In regards to your question-AANP only allows you to test 2 times within the calendar year (jan through december). I suppose technically if I did not pass it this time, I could re-test in January, but I hope it doesn't come to that.